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He eats my T-shirt

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Now I know cats will eat and chew on string and odd stuff, but Mitts has chewed a huge hole in one of my T-shirts. The hole is pretty big, like the size of an orange! He also likes to chew on string and stuff like that, but we keep it away from him.

But, tonight he threw up chunks of the shirt

Is this normal cat behavior?
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Well, I had a cat that sucked on my clothes when I had them on, leaving big wet circles, but never had them eat my clothes before. I really dont think it's normal and would get it checked out soon, because if it continues he could really harm himself, or possible worse.
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My dog used to do that -- once ate the entire arse out of my father's uniform. I don't think it negatively affected her... I'd be more concerned about the tshirt. IMO, cats will destroy anything that looks like it will be fun; mine ate the manual to my brand new mp3 player last night
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There is a behavioral illness called "pica" in which cats have an obsession with eating fabrics. If it's just the t-shirt, just get rid of the t-shirt and don't worry about it. But if it's all kinds of fabric things, you need to see a vet to get some treatment. I'm sure you're aware this is dangerous to health.
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i have one of the big fuzzy blankets (the kind with pix on it, usually horses or athletics teams, etc) as soon as i got it out of the package chloe started ripping fuzzies off with her teeth and eating them. she doesnt do it now, but she still likes to lick it.
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I Have To Ask You If Your Cat Is Siamese. I Have Had Siamese Cats 40 No, It Must Be For Over 50 Years. I Do Not Show Them, I Do Not Breed Them, I Do Not Care If They Have Papers Or Not, I Just Love Siamese. However, About 30 Years Ago We Got A Siamese That Liked To Eat Holes In Bulky Clothes (sweats Or Towels Or Sweaters) And The Vet Mentioned Pica. I Don't Know If More Is Known About The Condition Now Or Not But Some Vets Believe It Is From A Vitamin Definiency They Do That. Others Say It Is Not. The Vet Was Clear On One Thing Tho. He Said While Most Siamese Have No Yen To Eat Clothes, The Clothes Eaters Are Almost Always Siamese. I Don't Know If That Is True But Mine Was Siamese And The Only One We Ever Had That Did That.
Now I Want To Tell You Something I Hope Someone Will Post Around Xmas. It Deals With This In A Way. We Had Another Siamese For Years--never Ate Anything But Cat Food. When She Was 10 Or Maybe 12 Years Old They Came Out With The Satin Xmas Balls. One Must Have Come Off The Tree And Rolled Under The Sofa. One Day When I Called Her She Came To Me Lethargic And Unstable So I Rushed Her To The Vet Who Could Find Nothing, Did Xrays, Did Bloodwork And She Was Declining Fast. After Putting $1600.00 In Her We Still Lost Her. She Had Eaten Some Of The Thread From The Xmas Ball-the Vet Found It In Her Intestines. It Made Them Mushy Like Tissue Paper He Said. If We Had Known Early On He Said There Was A Possibility Maybe We Could Have Saved Her. I Later Found The Ball And Could Not Even Tell Any Thread Had Been Eaten Off. I Tell You This Because Some Clothing, And Especially Night Clothes Are Treated With Fire Retardant Too. Beware What Your Cat Eats--childproof Your House Even If She Only Eats Cat Food And Never Ever Buy Or Use The Satin Xmas Ornaments. I Will Never Forget My Lovey And She Died Way Too Young.
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