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new persian/ best food

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Hello, I recently adopted a 4 year old black female persian. She was eating meow mix kitten food at her previous home, and currently eating it here. I am getting ready to start switching her to royal canin for persians. Does anyone else feed that food? Also she is brushed and combed at least once a day but still gets mats around her neck. Any suggestions on how to prevent that. She is like no other cat I have ever had before, more dog like than cat. I recently lost my 17 year old siamese cat that I adopted from animal shelter when she was 12. And so that is why Mea came in to my life. She is helping to ease the pain and loneliness that I was feeling. She sleeps on the bed at night with the dogs and is just a total love bug. I knew the meow mix was a crappy food and after some reading on the internet thought that the roal canin sounded like a pretty good food. If anyone has any suggestions or comments I would love to hear them. Persians are new to me although I have had cats it seems my whole life.
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I dont personaly use Royal Canin Persian. But i did have a sample bag of it here that they sent me. And it looked pretty good And it really is built to be easier for them to pick up! i gave one of my persian babies Loki some, and he just loved it.

I have never really had a problem with matting around the neck but you may want to look to see if her getting it soaked in the water dish is part of it? Than perhaps look for a water dish that will be more accomodateing to her long hair

Welcome to being owned by a Persian! I am owned by 5 plus my moggie babies.
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Congrates on the new baby .. Royal canin is a good food .. I have never had a Persian so cant say about that formula..
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What is the best type of water dish for my persian. She is getting matted around the neck even though I brush and comb her at least daily. Someone said maybe I needed a different water dish.
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Don't use a big water dish. The smallest you can possible use is good.

I breed Persians and Royal Canin Persian is a VERY good food.

Some Persians are just prone to knotting no matter how often you brush them.
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