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Snow is on the way

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Well, we are expecting a snow storm here tonight. We are supposed to get about 6 inches here. Yuck, break out the shovel! I hate that, I have a HUGE driveway, and its no fun to shovel. I would make hubby do it, but he has to work so I guess I'm stuck with the nasty job.

Who else is expecting snow on the east coast????????? Sandie, you are nearby aren't ya??????

Oh yeah, and the Patriots play tonight!!!! Can't wait, hope they win!!!
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It's been snowing here since I woke up this morning. There is probably 3 or 4 inches on the ground. It's now turned to hail.

I'm glad I don't have to go anywhere!

We'll be staying in and watching tv tonight
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Yep we are doing take out!!! I am so happy I don't have to cook.:tounge2:
And I am going to watch the Patriots kick the Raiders Butts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry to any of you Raiders Fans, but its not so often the Pats get this far!!!! LOL

Hope everyone on the east coast stays toasty warm and out of the snow. And just think, tomorrow is snowman building time!!!!!!!!!! Well, for those of you with kids at least.
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Snowmen you say? Well - what happened to our sled party?
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Just because I know how much you ladies enjoy snow.

Instead of making snow..persons how's about we have a little CS contest. See who can make the best snow kitty???
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I would like to participate, but am Art-impaired

Who said draw a straight line????~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Oh yeah, we are getting snow right now. I WAS NOT happy!! We were in Middletown, which is a good hour from here all day. We started our journey home about 5 and didn't get home until 645. I really don't care for driving in the snow. This was actually the first time I have had to drive the HWY's while it was coming down. You see, in CA there is no snow...LOL. When I got home, my hands were cramped from holding the wheel so tight..LOL.
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Sunny and mild...going boating tomorrow!

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Okay, no throwing snowballs! I was teasing...but I'm still going boating :laughing2

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*ducking the snowballs being thrown at Cat...*
We have had a little snow here, but not enough to stick for very long. I am afraid it will hit hard when it hits, though... we have been lucky for far too long.
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