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My cat, Midnight(really long)

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My cat Midnight is very sick. Last Thursday(i think) we took her to the vets because we noticed she was acting funny. She had a decrease in appetite, she was always hiding(which isnt like her, she is usually very bubbly, vocal, and always asking for attention) and when I sat her down on the couch she peed(which she has never done before). She had Urinary Tract(sp?) Infection and kidney failure(he said it was most likely due to the Urinary Tract Infection). Then, this Wednesday, we took her home. He gave us I.V fluids we had to give to her everyday(150 mL), something call clavamox(1 mL), something else called pet tinic(1 mL), pepcid, and malox(1 mL). I think thats all the medications she got. He also gave her a different type of food to eat. Right when she got home, she hid under a couch where we couldnt get to her. We put the food & water by the couch and she didnt eat any of the food. After one very hard day of chasing her around the house to get her to take all of her medications, we noticed that she was breathing funny. We took her to the vet and they said she had fluid it her lungs and that they could tap it out(they also put her on oxygen). The vet called today and said that the lung thing was something totally different and didnt tie in with the Urinary Tract Infection. He said it was either Thyroid's Disease or a problem with her heart. Next Wedsnesday, we're going to get the results back and see if its Thyroids Disease. But, if its not and if its something to do with her heart, they recommend getting a ultra sound to see what it is. But, my mom said that she doesnt want to do that and since there will be a problem with her heart theres nothing we can do and she wants to put her down. Does that seem practical and humane? I dont just want to give up on her, but if shes living her life hiding all the time, thats no life for her either, so what is your opinion? If you were in my shoes would you put her down or try to keep her alive with meds(even though she will probably be hiding)?

Thank you SO MUCH, im so sorry its so long but you kinda have to know every detail before you can figure out whats best for her, I really hope that someone can help or had this experiance with their cat, THANX AGAIN!
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Oh dear, I am so sorry you are going through this. Only you can make this decision, and I would wait till you have the full diagnosis and possible cost and time of treatment from your vet, also an idea from him of what her length and quality of life is likely to be if she has a serious problem. I do hope your mom does not let cost be the only factor in making that decision, though I understand how difficult it can be sometimes. If it is going to be expensive, maybe you and your mom can talk to your vet about a payment plan, and offer to pay for some of it yourself by taking on some chores and even outside work, like helping neighbours or babysitting or whatever suits your age and experience. Good luck and I hope it turns out well.
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thank you for your comment. but, the vet called today and said that she isnt eating and wasnt responding so its not Thyroids Disease. Today we are going to put her down it is the best thing for her, now that i think about it. thank you guys again.
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Sorry to hear about your kitty.
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I am so sorry to hear about your kitty. It's such a difficult decision to make but it sounds like that was the best thing ,to end your sweet girl's suffering. Many to you at this sad time.
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I am sorry it was necessary to make this decision. Thinking of you at this sad time.
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Oh my gosh..you must be heart broken. I am so sorry.
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thank you guys! yes, i was very much attatched to her(still am) but i dont want her to suffer, ill make sure ill let her know how much i love her when we go and say goodbye to her in a couple hours
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