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A Good Cry.

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Today has been an emotional day. Good and bad. I woke up this morning with a phone call from my mom. She said that her and Dave (my new stepdad of 2.5 years) have decided that they are gonna pay for my first term of tuition. So they are sending me a $1000 check via mail to pay for tuition and to put towards books. I was speechless. I think I said "Thank you" and "I love you" about 1000 times and I got kinda emotional.

Then later today I found out a friend of mine was pregnant. She was talking about her symptoms and it reminded me very much of my pregnancy *(before miscarriage). I ended up saying a quick g'bye and logging off. Turning my monitor off and going to my room to hug one of my cats and have a good sob. Craig came in and cuddled with me and Jake (the cat I happened to choose for the comfort cuddles) until I got it all out.

Sometimes it just feels good to have a good cry.

*edited for clarification
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Great news, Cassandra! That tuition money will help so much! And a new baby on the way, too. I am happy for you!
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Oh.. hehe not me. A friend of mine. Thank you though. The new tuition will help tremendously. Craig and I are kinda low on funds atm. I guess I should edit my above post after reading it.. it does sound very much like I'm saying that I'm pregnant! LOL! Sorry for the confusion!
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I'm sure that cheque will really give you a financial boost -- that's great news! And you're right, sometimes you just need to cry.
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Awwwww....I am glad you have a way to help your funds out a bit, with someone who obviously loves you too!!!
--And I feel sad about your sadness. I lost one too, many years ago, but it is always with you. Maybe not always in the front of your mind, but there...... Sending hugs your way, and hope tomorrow is a better day.
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Oh Cassandra, unexpected $$ is always great, isnt' it?

As for the pregnancy loss, I"m so sorry to hear that. Your right....we all need a good cry every now and then......
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I've been emotional recently as well. I've had so much going wrong the past few years that now things are starting to settle down.

Emotion makes us human and you will have your good and bad days. Just remember that there is never a set time to grieve and you have to do what comes naturally for you. Just remember that for every dark moment, there is a light one and to remember that life will be a combination of these two. Even though many times we can't understand it, I do believe everything happens for a reason - either to set us on a new path or introduce us to other possibilities in each new day.

It's up to us to see each day as a new start and to appreciate all that we have in the here and now since nothing will last forever.

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