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ew Treatment for Cat Mites

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Does anyone have experience of PFIZER STRONGHOLD(selamectin) is at treating severe ear mite infection.
Can 1 treatment clear these mites in 1 month?
Our cat is so badly infected that she has lost fur on her stomach and face.she is very good natured and does not complain although she must be in some discomfort.
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One drop in the ear is all it ever takes, and the mites don't come back at all. I swear by it- worked on all my feral and domestic cats.
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Just a question here...I know Advantage will kill the mites with one dose of a few drops in each ear, but what if the ears are inflammed? I have used drops from the vet for mites on Onyx (can't remember what they're called :confused2: ) and its supposed to kill the mites and clear up an infection he had. The vet told me that Cats with bad cases of mites will often gat ear infections from them. In that case, would Advantage be enough? Just curious
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I have never heard the name Stronghold. It sounds like the Pfizer product called Revolution. If it's the same, and it should be since it's selimectin, then I have used it and also seen great results at the clinic. The one benifit you get from the revolution on strays and such is that it also treats roundworms, fleas, ticks and prevents heartworm.
The advantage is okay to use to kill the earmites, but if the cat has an infection it wont treat that as well. There are actually a few different kinds of ear infections and there are specific medications to treat them.
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