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Wednesday News "Teens Deliver dead cat's kittens"

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Hey guys,
I just found an article that was attached to something my mom had kept from Wednesday and thought the story was of interest. Unfortunately, I couldn't link to the toronto star, so I'll type it out (the picture is of the two girls holding a sweet fuzzy grey and white kitten).

Teens Deliver Dead Cat's Kittens

ST-QUENTIN, N.B.-A kitten owes its life to the imprumptu medical skills of a couple of kids who delivered it by caesarean section after the animal's mother died.
Monica Castonguay, 15, and Kim Quimpere, 13, were walking in the woods, July 31 when they found a cat lying on the ground and not breathing.
The youngsters were familiar with the cat, which was still warm, and knew it was pregnant. They decided to save the kittens, and using a knife, performed a caesarean section on the mother cat.
They were able to save two of the four kittens, which they wrapped in a sweater and took home, trying in vain to reach a veterinarian. One kitten later died, and Castonguay adopted the other.
Castonguay has not been inspired to take up medicine as a result of the adventure.
"I want to go to film school in Montreal," she said.
Canadian press
I'm so happy that these children were brave enough to save the kittens. What a wonderful story to tell about how you got your cat too
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sad, and wonderful all at the same time
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definitly a wonderful story. I read about it in the IMO forum a few days ago.
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What a wonderful and brave story. That is so nice to hear that animals were saved by people, especially children as sometimes you hear bad things about kids and teens.
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How brave of these young girls, hurray for them
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
definitly a wonderful story. I read about it in the IMO forum a few days ago.
So you did! Sorry about that I checked in the lounge for the story, but didn't think to check the IMO forum.
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Thank you for posting that inspiring story!! I somehow missed it in the IMO forum. Yes, it is sad & also happy. I'm sure that mama-kitty is looking down from the other side of RB, happy that her 1 baby has a chance at life, while her other little kitties are with her over there.
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I posted a picture of the girls in the other thread with this story - from my home province. You have to realize too that these kids live out in the middle of nowhere! There is no vet for 100-150 miles either way. And neither of them is old enough to drive (legally anyway) here. And the 15 yo is keeping the kitten so that's also great news.
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I am really impressed by the girls ability for having the stomach and knowledge to cut into momma cat without cutting the babies. But for some reason this just doesnt sound quite right to me....first of all, they knew the cat was pregnant and they just happened to come across her dead in the woods right after she died, and kittens were still alive in her? That means it's wasnt more than 2 minutes after momma cat died! And second, they just happened to have a knife on them sharp enough to cut through momma cat's flesh and tissue? What are 2 very young teenage girls doing with a knife in the first place? I'm sorry, but I have a red flag on this one!
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No need for a red flag at all. You don't understand where they live - not far from where I grew up. It is a rural area,. I myself had a Swiss amry knife as a child. We played in the woods and needed a knife to cut down small trees to make forts and other stuff we thought kewl. It is a part of living there. Not at all unusual and actually the norm. And it is a very small community with a hospital of 2 beds and one very small hotel and a major forst industry area. Pop might be 1000. I can't recall the last time the place (St. Quentin - proouned the French way - Sans Cannnes tin (like ehhh).) ever had a crime of any significance. There might be a murder every 20 yrs - more likley to be someone working in the woods from away.
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Awww... that explains alot! Where I'm from kids cant even wear those snap bracelets to school...they are concidered a weapon.

Those kittens were very lucky the girls found the cat just minutes after she died! The fetus only has 1-2 minutes after the mother dies, before it/they die also for lack of oxygen. I've had to do c-sections on ewes before that have died during labor, and some I havent been quick enough in less that 2 minutes! Lucky kittens I'll say again!
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what a very lucky cat and it is good to hear good stories about teenagers, which is soooo rare nowadays.
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