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I so want to believe this...
Walken 2008
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Never heard of him here
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Never heard of Christopher Walken?
He's been in tons of movies
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Wow, imagine that! You'll have yet another actor turned politician on your hands, although it looks like it may be a good thing in this case.
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I'm still thinking it's a hoax, I'll be checking snopes regularly.
If it is not a hoax, it will be very interesting to watch the debates.
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AHHHHHHHH he was in Wedding Crashes which I saw last night. I knew I recognised him, had just never heard of him
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Walken is one hell of an actor, but I'll need to see more before I form an opinion on his politics. What little bit is on the site looks all right, though.
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There's something about Bill Pullman. Hey, Powers Boothe is good, too.
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God knows we could do worse, and have.
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I hope it's a joke
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it's a joke.
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