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Nursing Problem

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I have a litter of three siamese kittens that are 10 weeks old. One of the kittens has moderate Flat Chested Kitten Syndrome. The vet basically does not know if he will live, but right now he is in good shape. The vet called his condition significant but not severe. He is an excellent jumper and runner. Sarah the mom only lets him nurse. She stopped the others from nursing a few weeks ago. The kitten with FCK does eat and drink itself, but it also nurses at least three times a day The kitten is a little smaller than the others but there is not a great difference. Do you think that it is in the kittens best interest to let his mother do best and let him nurse?
I will not sell him until he is older. I want to be 100% sure that he will live. From the material that I have read, he will be out of the woods when he is 16 weeks old. (Actually most kittens that have this severly die before 3 weeks old).
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I would say Momma knows best, and let him keep nursing. Best of luck with this little guy!
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It's totally normal for kittens to still nurse at 10 weeks and even older. If the kitten wants it and Mom is cool with it, then it's totally fine.
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