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Tide To Go

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Just wondering if anyone had tried the Tide To Go stuff? Is it any good?

We found it on hecka-sale today and bought some. We're having spaghetti tonight, so I think there's a good chance we'll be able to try it out.
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No I haven't Heidi but been wanting too...let me know if you like it!
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What is it Heidi?
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Heidi, use it and tell me your review. I saw it on a commercial and it looks good....that's IF it works.

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Well wouldn't you know it? This is probably the first spaghetti dinner we've had in 10 years of being together that neither of us got a drop of sauce on ourselves! LOL The ONE time I wanted to! Oh well, I'm sure the situation will present itself soon...

Sam, the Tide to Go is like a pen thingie with detergent in it that is supposed to remove stains on clothes immediately, so if you spill at lunch you can go back to work without looking like slob.
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I would guess that it will work, because I have used Tide as a pretreater, and it works great!
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ANd there was me thinking it was something you put on spaghetti!!!!
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I can't even find it here in WV yet? Where did you find it and how much was it? Just wondering where I might look!
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Sure hope you have a messy dinner tonight as well, Heidi! Looks as if we're all wondering how well it works, but none of us have gone out to try it!

Jenny, that was funny! Maam, may I offer you a side of Tide with your spaghetti?
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