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Something New

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Hi everyone. Kittyfoot and I have just made a new web page that is neat and about cats!

Check it out at this addy.....


Ok guys, its late and I cant get the *#^% url to work right. You will have to type it in until someone tells me how to do it..
WOW....I got it right this try..

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The link to your website doesn't seem to be working.
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I tried the link one more time and this time it did work.
I was really impressed by how nice the website is!! It is absolutely fantastic!!!!
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Poem about Tic's Dreamtime, right?
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Wow.... yeah its working

Yep that the page. Its been one of those nights when nothing has gone right.. Glad you both liked it. Of course KF wrote the poem and I just put online.

Thanks, Meme
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Barb made the whole page,did all the tech stuff. I think she did a fantastic job. Thanks hon.

OOps..be sure to visit the REST of her site.
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Hi Meme & Wayne :daisy:

I have to tell ya Meme what a fantastic piece of artwork that website is! I must've spent at least 40 minutes there...unfortunately the thumbnails weren't working, the server was temporary unavailable; so, I'll try again later. I read your the wonderful poems that Wayne wrote! He writes as if he was the cat himself...hmmm...I wonder why. His artwork catches the ever so fragile essence of nature; just beautiful! I couldn't tell you my favorites, as there were too many! Dreamland was sooooooooo dreamy!!! I just loved all of the poems and stories Wayne!
The photos of Kiki are gorgeous...she's such a pretty baby! Jaws reminded me of her...I guess it was just because of his fur and HUGE! haha By the way, I can't thank you enough for having Max on your page. I know that you've done that in the past and even forwarded emails to me from people for him...Thank you! His trial is this coming Thursday...(my heart skips a beat when I say that) Please get a guestbook!!! Or did I miss that!

Anyway, it's no wonder you received all those awards! I'm so proud of you Meme! Great job and I'll be going back there, as I bookmarked your page.

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What a nice website, well thought out and put together. Wayne do you take pics of the flowers before you sketch them? Or do you just stop your rig somewhere on the side of the road and whip out your sketch book? Either way, they are nice drawings. I like your cats as well, there is a primitive quality about them (and I mean that in a positive way) A sort of amish air if you will. I don't have time right now to prowl the whole site, but what I saw I really liked. Good websites are hard to find, I am glad you posted the link to this one.
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First let me say that I really do appreciate all the nice comments on my web pages!! Thanks to everyone for them!

As far as the links go..... Well you see I had the thumbnails linking to larger photos on PhotoPoint who has gone belly up with no notice at all to paying customes. At this time I am looking for somewhere to put the larger photos. I have tried Photo Island and Photo Loft but neither will do what I need them to. So looks like I will just have to buy more webspace from my server.

Thanks again and glad you enjoyed the site!

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Thanks folks for your fine comments.

Cat...I'm a Leo,I have whiskers..my gosh...I AM a cat. Seriously tho,these things just pop into my head at times. That whole poem was done in about 15 minutes. It started by us noticing that the pic in the snoring cats thread looked as if Tic was floating in mid-air on a magic carpet :LOL: I thought it would be a cute intro to a kids type poem or story and away we went. The starry background,etc was all Barb's idea and skill. She's much better with a computer than me as you can see by her site.

Hissy..thanks,i knew what you meant by the primative thing. I'm largely self-taught and not into the more "skilled" end of it. The sketches are done in bunches;just whenever something touches the muse.
The flowers and weeds are all from my front yard,the cats are based on watching Tic and Tac. When you really look at a cat's form you see they are all circles and flowing lines..not a straight line anyplace.
Watching a cat move is like watching running water or the wind blowing tall grass. Horses are like that too. Next time you're watching yours let your eyes find the circles.

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I think all the work on your pages is magnificant! Wonderful talent, guys!
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Very nice website guys! I love all the drawings, and the pictures of your cat Meme are gorgeous.

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Embarrassed yet? :laughing2

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Thanks Debra and Daniela..... I appreciate the nice comments!!!

Cat....why should Daniela be embarassed??? Am I missing something

Hissy if you want to go back and have a look around again the link to my site is in my signature below.... Now if I could just get the links back to working...

One day KF and I plan to have a website on the New Brunswick area. At this time I have 10 rolls of film to scan.....

I love the flower drawings that Wayne did also and have made some stationary out of a few of them!!!

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Hey guys! I absolutely loved your site! It was so awesome, I enjoyed the poetry and drawings as well (my favorite was the kitty and butterfly..too cute!). It was nice to check out the site, and just wanted to let you know I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing. I too will thank you for adding a pic of MAX. I appreciate your support Thanks again for sharing..
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Meme :daisy:

Dang! Well, the darn IMG's aren't working that's why you can't see the smilies huggin'! hahaha! It was really good to see her back; that's all :laughing2

Joce! Cool huh?!

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Hey guys...that's an awesome website!!! I love the poems and the pictures of the cats....and it was so great of you to add a link to Max's site at the bottom! What a great looking site!
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As far as the links go..... Well you see I had the thumbnails linking to larger photos on PhotoPoint who has gone belly up with no notice at all to paying customes.
As you can see from the above statement I have been having problems with the links on my webpages.

Well I got every *&^% one of them working today. And believe me it took all day long to change all those links. But they work now!

So if anyone wants to visit the site again now things work you can get to the main page by clicking on the link below in my signature.

Thanks to all for the nice comments on the pages.
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Wow, that's great Meme! I'm glad you got them working! I bookmarked it; so I'll be back!

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