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You think cat haters are bad?

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We think of abuse as people who hurt cats for the fun of it. These people breed cats to be disfigured!! It is a shame and I hope some of you give a peice of your mind. It is bad enough we have backyard breeders, but now this. Check out this site and see for yourself. They are called twisty cats.
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I am appalled! They look deformed. I wonder how their life will be years down the road? Will they develop arthritis in the front legs? I do hope that these idiots aren't allowed to pass on these cats as a new breed! I also hope the CFA, CFF and TICA don't recognize it as a new breed. If they do, I'm out of showing my cats. I will not support this kind of thing by encouraging people like that.
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OMG! That is got to be one of the most horrible/terrible things I have ever seen! Someone needs to amputate these :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor:s arms and legs and see how they like it. I'm not kidding when I say this, but I am physically sick to my stomach. WHY?!!!!!!!! I don't understand how heartless @%##@ can get away with this crap! God, I am so upset right now! Can't anything be done? >^..^< MEOWMAN SAYS CAT ABUSERS SHOULD BE SHOT IN THE GUT AND ALLOWED TO DIE A SLOW, AGONIZING DEATH!!!!!!!!
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Well, maybe I'm missing something here. The anti-twisty sites were down. The photos in the original web site don't look too bad. I can't say I like this breed - they don't look natural with their legs bent like that but I don't know if they suffer or not.

I know that Munchkins were also under attack at first, and I can tell you that I was pretty shocked the first time I saw a picture of one. They looked to me at the time like the victims of a weird experiment. I was sure they couldn't run or jump. I know better today!

Interesting thread!
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I have the same feeling as Anne. The pictures I saw looked like the cats had a weird mutation, but they didn't seem to be in pain. I was afraid that the site was going to be something like the cat bonsai site -- only real.

I don't think I'd try to breed these cats, or buy one, but the owners seem to be loving.

Am I missing something?
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Well, with the Munchkins, having short legs does not hamper the ability any. They have full functioning body parts. These cats are bred to essentialy have no front leg use. They can not stand on them nor walk on them, they can not climb. To breed any animal with very limited ability is WRONG!
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Well, again, the anti-site were down so maybe I did miss something. From what I've read in their site, they say the cats can run, jump and sit just fine... When I first saw a Munchkin I thought they couldn't jump or run either, but I was wrong.

If the cats are in pain or have any disabilities than of course it's wrong. No argument there. I'm just saying I didn't see that info anywhere.
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