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Abnormally LAid-Back Kitties?

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A lot of people post that cats that come home smelling different should be separated from the others because they will immediately attack or hate it. Our cat community's had four surgeries recently, and I have never witnessed anything like that. I seperate them so the others can still see them and smell them until their "rest/healing period" is over, and there are just one or two little chirrups between the "differently stenched" kitty and the others, a few exchanged licks, then it's business as usual. No hissing, growling, or clawing. Is this normal, or do I have very laid-back cats?
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I don't usually have any issues at all.
I constantly have someone going to the vet, so I think my cats are used to it.
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Mine aren't bothered with others coming home from the vet either. The only time I've seen them worked up with each other is when one of them is seriously ill. But I do admit, most of mine are pretty laid back.
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I have never had this problem either, but there seem to be a lot of people who do experience it ... I am glad we aren't a part of that group. Just one less thing to worry about. *grin*

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Haven't got the problem either. One cat is sickly, and goes to the vet a lot. Last time he sat at the vet's for 2 days. My second cat had never attacked him or anything.
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We did have an issue when Much was away for a couple of days due to removing a fist-size lump between her shoulder blades. Poor Lucy adored Much and couldn't understand who this strange smelling being that returned was. So for a few days, Lucy moped around the house looking for Much and leaving the real Much alone. This worked out for the best because Much needed her rest, but I did feel for Lucy because she looked so lost. She didn't hiss or show any aggression. Soon Much started to smell like her old self, Lucy came around again.
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I've had no problem with any aggression etc when i bring one or the other back from the bet. Actually when rambo was in for surgery Lucky was so sad she walked around the house crying. As soon as i brought him home she went running around the house like crazy but always coming back to give rambo a kiss before she was off and running again!
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No problem here yet either. It is more of a "Whew, glad it wasn't me!" - and "Sorry about your luck"
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