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birthday game

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I just made up this game but it is possible some of you heard it before...Here are the rules

1>what is the month,day and year of your birthday?

2>what color is ur birthstone?

3>what is ur month sign?

4>name one think you expect to happen in the month of ur birthday?

My birthday is September 30,1979

My birthstone is blue

I am a libra

and the leaves turn colors

Hope you all understand and have fun
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my b-day is dec 7th
my birthstone is blue
i am a sagitarious
i excpect it to snow
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1) 23/03/1990

2) Aquamarine

3) Aries

4) I expect it to start getting cooler
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My b-day is on April 30
Birthstone is cubic zirconia or diamond
and it expect that at that it will still be snowing in good old Sioux!
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My BD is 9/14 (thats about 31 days from now )

The color is Blue

I have nothing to do with the zodiac

And I expect hay rides and home made apple pie!
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Birthdate: July 26
Birthstone is color is deep red
I'm a Leo
I expect to see fireworks and my tiger lilies blooming.
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Birthday: Dec 7
Birthstone: blue topaz
Sign: Sagittarius
Expect: Christmas!
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Day - 3/24
Stone - Aquamarine
Sign - Aries
I expect to see the Daffodils starting to bloom or at least Crocus
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Birthday 1-11-62
Birthstone is Garnet
Sign Capricorn
Expect it to be Cold
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april 24 1982
diamond (none of that fake stuff here... it keeps getting down gradded, when I was born it was a diamond, then cubic zirconia, then austrian crystal now its quartz crystal Next year it will be clear glass or salt rock!)

I expect to see lots of baby animals and lots of flowers blooming.
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Thankyou for all your nice post....yeah allot of different months and alot of different things that goes on in those months...
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Mine is 9/13
Blue sapphire
Baseball Playoffs start.
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August 7, 1974
Wisconsin State Fair. (Wich I didn't get to go to this year for the first time in close to 20 years)
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Birthday: July 28, 1975
Birthstone: Ruby
Sign: Leo
Expect it to be: Hot and Sunny
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Birthday: September 9, 1978
Birthstone: Saphire
Sign: Virgo
Expect it to be: Starting to get cooler at night and the leaves changing beautiful colors
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May 3rd, 1983

My birth-stone is Emerald and it's green

I am a Taurus (The Bull)

I expect the flowers to be blooming and trees to be green and sunny pleasent days
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Birthday-October 29th

Birthstone- Opal

Sign- Scorpio

I expect the leaves start to change colour
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Birthday- June 12

Birthstone- Pearl or Alexandrite(light purple)

Sign- Gemini

I know it will be very hot here on my birthday
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Birthday - October 6th

Birthstone - Opal

Sign - Libra

I know it's cool weather and bonfire season
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Birthday - August 27th
Birthstone - Peridot - light green
Sign - Virgo

I know it will be HOT!
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