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Spidey the House Kitty!

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Wow, I am so happy to see a forum about ferals! These poor kitties need homes and there are so few people willing to take them in.

My kitty Spidey, so named as when we got him he would climb up you vertically like Spiderman, was/is? a feral kitty.

He took to us very well, although is still pretty crazy sometimes. He's such a nut and great fun.

As stated in another post I read (Truth about Ferals), these kitties are in need of a little extra love. They need to be loved and reassured that they are safe.

It is so rewarding to be able to give these and other needy cats the home and love they need. Spidey, who we got at 5 weeks, has grown into a gigantic loving 5 month old kitty. Our other cat, Poppy, was abused and dumped at a shelter. We have had her for three years and it has taken that much time to get her to trust us to the point she is now. The love and appreciation I can see in her eyes is worth it! And I am so impressed that within the last month or so, she has suddenly become comfortable enough to sleep up on the bed!
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Welcome to the Cat Site! We are always delighted to meet another feral lover and rescuer. My husband and I have 6 cats: three were strays and three were feral when we adopted them. We couldn't have asked for better cats, though you are right that they do at times need a bit more patience and understanding than the typical cat might need.

Please post often with stories of your furry friends.
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Alicia - Welcome and I too am soooo happy to have another 'feral friend'.
I have 7 cats and 3 of them were feral before adapting to humans. They have the most grateful heart, once you earn their trust. I would not trade them for all the in the world.
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We have a pretty good feral network out where I live and the people who run it just amaze me.

My baby is just a little nut. He took to me pretty well, but has a bit of a complex about letting go. He'll actually hook his claws through your skin to hang on. It's not quite as painful as it sounds, but thankfully, he's getting better about that.

One thing I've noticed about some ferals, especially the tabiies, they tend to have a wild look. My Spidey is a striped tabby and has the most interesting stripe pattern I've ever seen. I'll try to take some pics that show the pattern well. Any theories on this?
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No ideas, but I can tell you that my Smudgie has the wildest colors and pattern in her coat that I have ever seen - and a face that looks like an owl!:owl: :owl: :owl:
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Before we got into breeding, we used to foster.. well socialize is more like it, feral kittens. When we would get them, we'd have to train to use the box, and be used to people. about 95% of them were so wild that you had to use gloves to pick them up, otherwise they would tear you up. It was/has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The hardest part about it was spending so much time (months in some cases)socializing them, only to have to give them up again..... *sigh

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