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Its that time of year again!

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I know its a little bit early, but with the fiasco from last year, i figure i should start looking for a homecoming dress! I was wondering if anyone knows where to find inexpensive fancier dresses. Last year i went with one from a bridal store that had to be brought down from a size 13 to a 0 or 2. lets just say it got expensive, and we werent thrilled with the outcome. my mom had to attach hooks and thread string through it because i couldnt breath because they alterer thought that it needed to be so tight i had skin hanging over! eww! Well, here is a picture of my one from last year, and thank you for any ideas in advance on where to find one!
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Wow! Is that you?
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I don't know about the comfort level of the dress, but I think it's beautiful.
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You are just beautiful...I know that you will find the purrfect dress. A 2 piece is always a possible solution. It gives you more options.
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that dress looks really nice on you...I don't think I live that close to you so I wouldn't know any stores around you...but is it possible to go to second hand stores,pick out a dress,get it dried clean then maybe bring it to a perfessional to see what and how much it would cost to fix it up?
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eBay .
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I've got my semi formal coming up soon! I need to get something to wear.
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thanks for all your compliments! im thinking of going to Deb for my dress, now im just not sure what style i want.
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i found the most lovely dress! its different, which is what i want. but its probably waaaaaaay more then i can spend!

but there it is!!!
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wow! that dress is nice! and yes, it does look expensive

i am sorry, i can't offer any advice for finding dresses(i avoid all situations where i have to wear a dress at all costs)

good luck with your search though and make sure you post pics when you find one!
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Can you sew yourself? Maybe you could buy a dress on eBay or a charity sho - or general shop - and alter it!

If I lived closer, I'd help you out, as I'm always altering and changing my clothes!

Good luck with it - let us know how it goes and show pics!

Great pic, by the way!
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i found the dress and got it! woooo! here it is!!!!
sorry about the quality and the weird look on my face haha... any one else think i need to go tanning?!

...BUT! im not going to homecoming! long story short me and joel had a fight and he wont go. So, im going to decorate my basment with candles and have "our song" playing, and i will be all dressed up and he wont know a thing about it till he gets here!

oh and the dress only cost 40$!!!
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It's very pretty and you're such a cutie pie!!
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Very nice. I saw this thread late..or i was going to offfer you my cloest, LOL I have several fancy dresses lol
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If anyone could suggest some slow love songs i would greatly appreciate it... i dont care if the are oldies, rock, pop...anything slow will do! thank you!!!!
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journey has some good ones.
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Sorry if I am being too nosey(feel free to say), but why on earth are you going to dress up and play slow music for mr. joel, if he doesn't want to go to the dance? Life is too short sweetie, why not go with someone else and have a good time.
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find some italian music, its always romantic
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yeah go with someone else! don't miss out on the fun!!
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me and him have already talked about me going with someone else... frankly i wouldnt have fun... chances are big that i would be crying in the corner while everyone else is having fun... so im avoiding that.

and im doing everything to show how much he means to me and that hes not just another guy.

thank you for the suggestions!
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I know you're the same age as me, and I'm not trying to be a downer but if my guy or any of the guys I know told me he didn't want to go the dance, he surely wouldn't want a private one - but maybe Joels different, I hope so!
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