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Hey Lyla!

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FINALLY got my camera to work and download the pics

these arent the best ever..but they will do just to say HELLO

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HELLO! SOOOOOOO precious!!! Thanks for sharing the pics with us!!!

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Nice pics cute cat
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Your new baby is very pretty. She looks a lot like her sisters.
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hehehehe yes she does. Steve cant tell any of them apart..he just calls them all the fuzz balls.
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Here is an attempt at getting all three together..I am gonna try again later tonight, whn steve is home so i can focus on taking pics not getting there attention, lol

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What sweet fluff balls.
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hehehe am the only one who can tell who is who *tehehe*
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Awww, they're so fluffy and pretty!
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It's hard having kits the same mother and daughter pair Sophie & Bridget can only be told apart by me!
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hehe i think i am just good at it. because i have had alot of horses that are identical too lol..but i could always tell them apart.
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OMG! Calico overload !

All that fur --- droooooool!!! I'm seriously in love !
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hehehehe yes we have the calico household..LOL...

aww dont drool to much might get some on their hair lol
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I guess it must just be me but to me the really short muzzled Persians seem to always look "Pissed off about something". I just have trouble warming up to them. I know I'm bad and mean. lol Ares though has a little longer muzzle than the girls I think. He klooks thoughtful kind of like what can I get into now.
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Ares is more of a baby doll face yes. Lace and Lyla arent as Peke as Lily is but yes they often do look mad about something lmao
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