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Just came from the Humane Socitey and helped with some adoptions & some good ole' cleaning of litter pans Feel like I need to give back in some way to these women who helped me.

Our little bleeder from Saturday didn't make it through the day. So, now we have 3 babies left and all will be reunited this afternoon. One foster mother will do her best to look after the remaining babies. Bottle-fed babies from birth are really hard to keep going. As much as we do for them, we are still not mother cats providing antibodies through milk, etc.

I'm heading out to the shed now and will do my best to coax the remaining 4 kittens out and get them inside to be cleaned-up, de-flead and socialized for adoption. These guys are siblings to the two that are already in my home...approximately 4 - wks. old.

Wish I had better news but at least the little babies that didn't make it, past in loving, kind hands rather than outside with the bugs and God knows what.
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Leesali, you have done a wonderful thing in caring for those kitties. I'm thankful that there are people like you in the world.
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just checking in since saturday! so sorry to hear about the ones that passed, but you have done a FANTASTIC job!!! God bless you for doing whatever was needed to get the babies help!!!

I'm a subscriber to this thread for sure!
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Condolences on the losses, Leesali! And prayers that the others are able to survive! You are so right in saying at least they passed from loving hands to the rainbow bridge, rather than outside, alone, with the flies!

Keep going, and best of luck in collecting the other kittens and Momma cat.
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No kittens. I set-up a cage late afternoon filled with toys, box & blanket, litter, etc. but when I went to feed the adults, I didn't see any kittens behind the shed. Again, this morning when I fed the adults, I took a peek behind the shed...no kittens. Wondering, if this momma cat moved her 4 babies to a new nest area. Will have to wait until after work...very frustrating.

Finally, I have my first appointment Monday for a spay on one of the adult females Whoever I catch first...goes first. A bit nervous about it...I have never done a "trapping" before but to my advantage, the females in the back are very friendly.

Will make a few calls today and find out how those remaining 3 newborns are doing. Sending them good vibes. My two are doing okay (4-wk. olds) but one of them has developed a bit of loose stool. Along my travels today, I will try to get some baby food mixed with rice in hopes it will help. Any suggestions welcome. They are eating wet food with a bit of dry mixed-in and a drop or two of KMR on top. They still go for the bottle but are practically lapping it off the tip of the nipple rather than suckling.

On top of all this, would you believe my little Ally (inside, bottle-fed baby) who is 5 1/2 months old just went into her first heat. Unbelievable timing!! I am truly being tested this week Must get her in for spaying and her brother Bob will follow for neuter.

Wish there were more hours in the day
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Bless your heart...you truly are an angel
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Posted some pics of the 4-week old little boys I am fostering...under "Cat Lounge" "Fur Pictures". They are soooo delicious!!

Waiting for a return call about the health of those newborns...hope all went well last night & today.
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Great News!! All 3 newborns are reunited

I just spoke with one of the foster mom's and she did the transfer Monday night. All 3 are eating like little piggies and would you believe, they are walking around in their box. Amazing

I truly hope these 3 make it...they are still so young to be without their mother.

I am still debating what to do with those 4 outside. The mother is nursing them and is scheduled to be caught, brought to the vet. & spayed this coming Monday. One of the kittens out there has a bad eye...almost completely closed. I am tempted to catch that one with a sibling (so they are not alone) and start the de-fleeing, terramycin routine tonight.

Will keep you posted.
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Thanks so much for keeping us updated! You're doing a fabulous job!!!
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That is great news! Keeping fingers crossed for these little ones who had such a difficult start in life.
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