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I have had my siamese kitten one week today and have spent so much time with him, I have just let him discover the rest of the house and at night my boyfriend and I while watching tv play with him. All good but my new little guy prefers to cuddle up with him and totally ignores me! I am pouting because I have spent so much time with him while my boyfriend hasn't Help!!! I feel jealous.
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maybe you should try to ignore the kitten, and see what happens. I find that usually juicy will go after my friends who really don't want him around...and when i want him around he walks away! haha!
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i've heard the same thing, that cats will go to the person who is not acting interested in them. blossom likes to sit on my husband's lap, and not mine (i don't have much of a lap these days, anyway) but the moment i start doing some cross-stitch...there she is! i have also found that if i'm reading a book, her highness will come over and plop right down on the pages and then act like it's no big deal.

we've had snooker and blossom for about 3 weeks, and snooks is just getting to the point where he'll let me pet him. he's really sweet on my 6yr old son, even lets him pick him up. i felt a bit jilted too, but i reluctantly gave him his space.

a few days ago, he started following me everywhere i went, watching me. if i looked at him, he would dash away (i'm not that scary looking! ). so if i noticed him in the room, i would start talking baby talk to him but not look at him. yesterday that little rascal walked over to where i was sitting, sat on his bottom and stared at me. i looked at him and said 'hi snooks! what's up?' kind of casually and he looked right at me and gave the most adorable meow! i guess i'm on his 'okay' list because now he lets me hold him a bit and sometimes i'm even allowed to rub his chin!

of course you wanted to hear my life story but i guess i'm saying don't worry, your kitten loves you and will warm up to you, too. just relax, and it will happen!
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Your kitten may just be approaching the person he spends less time purely because of that fact - that he spends less time with him! When your boyfriend is not around does your kitty want to be with you or does he still prefer to spend time alone? If he wants to be with you then I wouldn't worry (I wouldn't worry anyway, actually...lol).

Sometimes shows of affection can be interpreted as a threat by cats who don't like to be crowded but rather left to bestow their affections as they choose. Your boyfriend probably doesn't pay that much attention to him compared to how much you do, so he's all of a sudden more interested in him.

Try ignoring him for a while and then coaxing him up to you for a cuddle with a toy or treats. Unlike dogs, cats don't need or want our attention all the time and there will be times when he wants to hang out with someone else or just by himself! Don't be offended, he loves you as his primary care giver, and I can imagine if he needed someone, was hurt or frightened, you would actually be the one he goes to.

Plus, he's very young and still exploring his new environment. You're something he knows - until he knows your bf as well as you, your bf is going to be that bit more interesting! Try, also, wearing one of your bf's tops or something with his smell on it, and vice versa, so that you two seem more as one smell for your kitty.
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