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found cat

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Well, we have another kitty houseguest for the moment. I don't know how long it will last.

There was a marmalaide cat sitting on porch most of the morning, and I finally thought I'd open the screen doors and see if it was friendly. He was very vocal, not unfriendly, but didn't come up to me. Just sat there making quiet cat noises that might have turned to meows or might have become chirps. Then Blackie went out to him and they both ran under the bushes.

I had to leave the house a little later and they were sitting together, next to each other but a few feet apart. When I came home, Blackie ran into the house (it's a little cold today because it's rainy) and after a pause, Marmalaide ran in after him. They've been meowing and sparring, but no big problems so far. Blackie is asserting himself as top cat, but no real aggression. It's kind of funny because Sparky likes to act like Mr. Tough but all the interaction is between the other two. Sparky keeps trying to get involved but they just ignore him or swat him off. I had to go out again for a few minutes and tried to put Mr. Orange out, but as soon as I set him down he ran back into the house, so I left him there. When I came back the 3 were on the sofa, all sitting like loaves of bread with their feet tucked under, all very alert but not aggravating each other.

So I fed them all, putting the other one's dish on the other side of the room, and he ate pretty good. We noticed that he has an injury behind one ear and on the hind foot on the same side. (cat fight? caught under a fence? fell?) He seems comfortable with people but has no collar or tags. He let me pick him up but he cringed when I tried to pet him, possibly because of the injury but I wonder if he was abused. I keep saying he, but I don't really know what sex this cat is. I don't want to invade his space since he is already stressed, and I haven't seen him pee.

I guess we'll be putting up some posters later. I hope someone claims him because I really don't want another cat right now. Two cats, a sugar glider, a 5 1/2 year old, and a husband is about all I can bear looking after right now! But I sure don't want to just put him out in the cold and bad weather.

Sorry to keep posting so much, I guess it's pretty busy around here today!
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He sounds like a really cute cat...I hope you can find his owners, or else a good home. That is sweet of you to take him in.
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He doesn't by any chance have a white bib and some white on his toes, does he? I lost my orange tabby a year and a half ago, and I still haven't gotten over him. Although I think he was stolen, as he had a collar with city license, rabies, and info tag on him. There was a rash of lost cats in our neighborhood about that time.

Anyway, I'm glad you let him/her in. It's way too nasty today to be stuck outside. Maybe someone will call about him or you could find him a home. Just don't take him to the Arlington pound, they euthanize very quickly.
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White paws, white tail tip, white bib but not a white belly as far as I can tell and no white on his face or legs. He talks constantly when I pet him - and he lets me pet him, so he's not exactly feral. He seems full grown but youngish (not that you can exactly tell, but some seem older). Do you think he's yours? Do you want to see him? I don't mind meeting somewhere if you want to have a look. No collar on him and he seems in pretty good health so I tend to think he's someone's pet - or someone's recently abandonned pet.
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If he turned out to be your cat! I am hoping so!
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Hubby opened the door and Orangecat bolted.

At least he knows where there's food and a warm place to rest. I bet he'll be back (just like Ditto, except we don't know who owns this one).

I'm gonna hafta increase my cat food budget to cover all these guests! :laughing:
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It looks like he gets overwhelmed and goes outside to calm down, then he comes back in to try interacting with my boys. Blackie likes to go out with him, not sure if that's about going out or keeping an eye on him.

So Dawn (I'm assuming you're on your ladies' weekend by now) when you get back I expect he'll still be around if you think you'd like to see him, if he sounds enough like your lost cat.
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I think I've figured him out. He cries when he wants to go out, and he seems to "do his business" outside because the others haven't let him near the litter box yet.

He comes in to eat and sleep, and he likes to sleep where I've been. He lays on my pillow, among the blankets on my side of the bed, or in my favorite seat.

He has about a dozen scars, scabs, or spots of missing fut on his body, so the only place he really likes to be touched is under the chin or on the very top of his head. He doesn't purr (like Ditto) but he looks very smug and satisfied.

He is a boy - he put his butt in my face, so it was hard not to notice! If I was sure he isn't someone's pet and I had the money, I'd get him neutered. I feel more obligated to get Sparky done first tho', since he's been due for months. He doesn't go out so I haven't been in a rush.

My boys are going for shots on Feb. 9, at a shot clinic at PetCo. I may bring Mr. Marmalaide for the $5 rabies at that time, just in case. There are loads of kids in this neighborhood and I'd hate someone to get bitten.

He seems to have settled in pretty well, tho' there is still some friction with the boys. We're moving to the apartment complex across the street on the 1st, and I don't know if I'll bring him or not. Kind of depends on what response our signs get.

It was so cute last night, Marmalaide went out and Blackie dashed out after him. A little later I looked out on the porch, I noticed Marmalaide on the wicker chair out there, Blackie on the railing, and Ditto (who hasn't been around since Marmalaide arrived) sitting on the other side of the railing. It looked for all the world like some kind of cat meeting! And poor Sparky, stuck inside the glass doors, chattering and meowing to get out there with everybody else.

I can just hear Blackie, "You're too young to join our club, go play with mama little boy!":laughing:
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You should post a picture of him, if you get a chance...maybe Dawn would know if it was hers or not from the picture. I'm glad he came back!
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