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Kittens Climing on Screens

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My two month old Jasmine started climbing onmy screens, the back of my furniture, and my curtians. I've been trying to get her to stop by saying no and then putting her down on the floor, so she knows that this isn't allowed. Does anyone else have any other ideas on how I can keep her clawing up my furniture and screens.
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Clip her nails. If they're blunted, she won't be able to get as good a grip. It probably won't stop it, but should reduce it at least somewhat.
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My 14 3/4 lb boy Dexter, kept climbing up my balcony's sliding screen door & tearing holes in it. I re-screened it with "cat screen" that I bought at Home Depo.

It is an inexpensive, strong, teflon coated screen. It has not ripped in the 2 years since I re-screened it. The teflon screen fits into regular screen frames. Just tell the sales person what you need & ask how to install it.
I did it myself & if I can do it ... anyone can.
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Hey that's great to know! My hubby is constantly replacing all the screens in our house...and grumbles all the time about it! He's going to be happy about this!!!!!
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I think that your husband will be pleased with the cat screen material. I am still amazed that Dexter does not rip it when he climbs the screen.
A little side note...your siggy picture is adorable & your quote is inspiring.
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squirt gun. Spray them when you see them doing something wrong. They will get the idea very quickly.
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Buffy and Willow were horrible to the screens, so dad finally got a tougher kind (not sure what it is, exactly, but it's definitely harder than the flimsy screen that's usually in windows). They got through it, though they had to work harder. Dad recently replaced the screen with the same material, and this time the cats are leaving it alone. I guess they just don't think it's worth it, because it takes too long to get through it (it took 3 days the last time, lol). So now they're happy to just sit there and look out, and we're happy we can leave the window open 24/7 now, lol
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Don't squirt your kitties. Keep your kitties nails short and get a tougher material if it comes to that.
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I installed that kitty screening from Home Depot too, and that stuff is AWESOME!!!!!!!
It kept my Spikey from getting the window screens all clawed up and he'd hang off the screening on our kitchen screen door too! He weighed 18 pounds and you cannot even tell he used to do that!
Now my Katy Kitty is following in her "Uncle Spike's" footsteps and that screen is holding up just great!!
P.S. I clip her nails EVERY week, so she will get used to me doing this. If you don't, they will give you a big fight, every time!!!
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