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Hi y'all, new kitten owner!!

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Yesterday we adopted this adorable tabby, she is the very first pet I have had in 20 years!! She was taken in by the pet supply store as the owners were about to take her to the pound.

She is thought to be 8 weeks old. My 6yr old son and I went to the store to get bird seed for the garden feeders we maintain. He has always always wanted a kitten since he could talk, so he always looks in to see if they have any kittens in. She was there all on her own and the store lady let him hold her, which is a first. She curled up in his lap and purred so loud and stayed there for ages!! My son was in seventh heaven, we knew she was meant for us. few hours later we dragged my husband down to see her, once again she cuddled up with our son for ages as content as could be.

Cut a long story short hubby agreed we could get herand we got the Laundry room ready as her safe room and then picked her up yesterday. She was great on the drive home cried a little to begin with but was a pro. She spent the rest of the day in her safe room with several visits form us, she was cautious but happy, she did not cry thru the night either.

This morning she was a bundle of energy and bouncing everywhere and wanting to play. She was even wanting to come out of the room, so we left the door open for her. She has ventured a few feet out, but not too far, you can tell she wants to but too scared. I magine as time goes on that she will get braver.

She has her first vet visit this monday, so wish us and her luck! I welcome any kitty advice you have as we are complete novices and want to get it right!!

We are in love!!
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Aww, your kitty is adorable!

Welcome to the site!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!
Woderful Pic! ...is soooo cute!!! ...
See you on the forums!,
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Cool ! Your Tabby sounds cute ! i Cant see the pics for some odd reason. But Welcome to TCS (i am kinda new 2 but o well )
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Lovely kittie , Hi and Welcome
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she is BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations! Please post more pics soon
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no wonder your in love - she is adorable

Welcome to TCS

so glad you joined us and you will recieve lots and lots of advise here - just ask away in the relevant section and some will advise as best as they can. There is a wealth of information here so you have come to the right place.

Looking forward to getting to know you

welcome again from me & my boys
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Hello and welcome!!!
Awww, she's so cute!! Congrats on your new furbaby!!

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Welcome to TCS!!
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What an adorable kitty!!!! Welcome !!!!
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Welcome to TCS!! Your TigerLily is so precious!! She was smart to chose a loving family like yours. Sounds like you're doing everything just right so far!
The only advice that I could add would be to help interpret her "body language" for your 6yo son; he's not too young to learn! And lots of the language for cats is useful in understanding other animals, including horses. I look forward to reading updates in the Lounge soon! Susan
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wow what a pretty kitty! welcome and congradultaions! Good job on saving her from having to go to the pound! If you ever neeed anything feel free to PM me!
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