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Looks who's been coming around our house!

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Look at this tortie that's been coming around our house! She's feral, and I was lucky to get these photos, as she seemed unusually trusting today.

She has 3-4 kittens, unfortunately, who are also feral. I think she's pretty, but my dad made fun of her, saying she's ugly! Dads!

This is her, and my other outside cat, Biffy.

P.S. See part of the chicken in the third picture?
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With cats we've had, the chicken would have been lunch a long time ago!
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LOL!!! Nice chicken legs!!!

Both the cats are lovely. Its wonderful that you feed the feral.
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I think the tortie is beautiful!! So nice of you to feed the feral kitties, Cassie.
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Well when she first came around, she was nursing kitties, and was skin and bones. Biffy was skinny when he came around, too. Unfortunately, our neighbors got some cats, and let them loose, and they have kittens, they have kitten, they have kittens... and the cycle continues.... I can't tell you how many cats are around here.
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Oh, I think she is beautiful..Glad you could show us.
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So the real question: what you gonna name her? She needs a name after all, so that when you do go out and talk to her, you can call her by something!

Good job!! Fatten her up and she won't be such a chicken!! LOL

Just noticed and have to comment: when we first started feeding the ferals, we used to put the food on the ground as you are doing. We tried bowls and they would just get too grungy. We found flat stainless steel plates at a camping store that work great! You can spread the food around a bit so a few can eat at once without too much competition, they hold up to weather very well, and they are so easy to clean - you can throw them in the dishwasher. Also use stainless steel water bowls for the same reason.
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I think she is so pretty. Very unique markings on her face.
Also, I think it is GREAT you feed her.
I started feeding (and finally getting close to)1 of the fathers of Lilos kittens.
He look sjust like LILO!!! Except he has no tail. I actually have started calling him LILO on a few occasions and when he stood up I realized it was him.
I myself finally got some good pics of him.
Though right before I took this pic I noticed someone had put an old (I can tell its already been used) PINK collar on him.
he still comes by my house everyday to eat....

Look at Lilo and him.... (Lilo is the one closer up in the pic)

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Originally Posted by CJandBilly
She does have quite striking features. You're dad's not completely off-base.
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Wow, keep feeding her... She could use some weight!!
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Awww she is thin isn't she, bless her
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Aww, she's pretty. My husband's not the biggest Tortie fan either. He thinks they look like someone shot them with tiny paintball guns
She sure could use some porkin' up though! Eat up Miss Tortie!
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I've heard several people say that they think torties are ugly, like they've been splattered with paint. I think they're unique and beautiful! Good luck with this girl, get her fattened up! Are the kittens torties?
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She's been coming around every day and every night. She's still afraid of us, enough where we can't quite catch her, but she let me touch her once... just a little pat... then she ran off. She's been coming closer to us lately, and the other day, we found out she's preggo again. Hopefully, one of these days, we'll be able to catch her and bring her to a shelter.
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Originally Posted by sunnicat
Are the kittens torties?
Actually, no. There's only 3 kitties now, that we know of... one orange tabby, and two pure black kitties. The kittens are so afraid of us though... they run away the second they see me.
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The tortie is a beauty and she'll be even more beautiful when she gets fattened up a bit.

I'm saying prayers for Mirah (Belle Star).
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