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Fleas need help!

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No the fleas don't need help. I need help in getting rid of them. LOL I rescued two kittens, and they had a few fleas on them. I have treated them with Frontline, but now I need something to kill off the fleas that hatch from the eggs laid in my carpet and other places. I have done some reading, but can't quite find out exactly what is the best product to do the trick. Some say a flea bomb works well. But others say an areosal spray works better. Here are a few things people have said works. Please let me know what you guys think is the safest, and really works. Raid Flea Killer Plus, Siphotrol Plus, Bio Flea Halt, Fleatrol, Zodiac, VetKem. And some one said that their vet said this was the best and safest stuff, Adams Brand. So what do you think? Thanks for any help you can give.

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For carpet infestations, I've always sprinkled Borax everywhere and let it sit 24 hours.
It completely dries out both fleas and eggs.

You'll want to confine the kitties until after you've vaccumed it up.
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Since you have kittens, your best bet is to stay away from anything over the counter that you can buy for this problem. Sadly, many of the products on the shelves of grocery stores and pet supplies are highly toxic to the animals and can do great harm. Instead of trying to figure out which product might work, go to your vet's office and ask them what to use. Many vets stock flea bombs and flea sprays, but really if you can use something like borax or diacotomus earth crystals you are much better off. Although still toxic to a degree these products are relatively safe for animals if used correctly.
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I have flea drops from the vet on all my cats, but I was noticing new fleas on them everyday, and couldnt imagine where they were coming from! I've got all my carpets treated and vacuum everyday also. Well...I found out when I bent down to look under my bed! I have a hard wood floor in my bedroom and they've been hatching inbetween the boards! Had to bomb my bedroom yesterday and wash all the bedding! But today all is clear and flea free!
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I am soooo mad! I just walked into my bedroom and was doing the "flea check shuffle" and a flea jumped on my foot! I've spent a fortune and worked my rear off and they are still here! I hate fleas!
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I've noticed a few fleas on Dinah, so I treated her and ScatCat with Advantage. Just yesterday though, I found 3 fleas on me. So... I figure it's time to bomb. How though??

I was thinking I could do it when I head off to work in the morning, put the kits outside, and go.

What to use? Do I bomb every room, or every floor? I have a townhouse. Are they pretty expensive? or inexpensive?

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im using lemon and rosemary to kill all my fleas
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