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females spray?

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I recently adopted a 5 yr old rag doll that is not spayed. after having her for 3 wks, she started spraying. Is there anyone out there that can help or answer more questions for me. She is a loving cat, BUT I can't take this.
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I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with her. Did you have any cats in your home before you got her? She may settle down after a while, she may just feel that she has to make the place hers. I had a cat that did that, but she was sick. I hope things get better for you, there is nothing worse then to have a cat that you love spray the house, and not know what to do about it. Sorry I can't help you any more then I have. There are a lot of good people on here who know more about this then I do. I hope they read this and let you know what you should do.

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First, unless you are going to use her for breeding, I'd get her spayed. Also, have you determined with your vet if there's a medical problem? My Scout sprayed, and it was most likely due to two things: a feline UTI, and impacted anal glands.

Does your kitty drag her behind on the floor or carpet? If she does, she most likely has impacted anal glands.

Until you get her checked out, it's hard to say what will work.

In the meantime however, use a good enzyme cleaner like Dumb Cat or Simple Solution to clean up the mess and eliminate the cat urine smell.

Good luck; keep us posted,
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You need to get her spayed. Females do spray and the longer you leave her entire the less chance you have of her ever stopping spraying.
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