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Change in behaviour

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Morning All,

A couple of days ago we move the kittens from where mum had placed them into the bathroom as they were starting to walk.

Mum doesnt seem to like this. She is quite a voical cat but now she almost doesnt stop talking. When the kittens are in their box she seems almost happy, but as soon as they are out playing mum starts to stress, and even tries to move them. If either me or my gf stay in the bathroom with them all, mum seems almost happy.

Should we left her move them? We really dont want too as the bathroom is the perfect place for them before they are litter trained. We have also tried shutting mum in the bathroom. She doesnt seem to mind, but does rush out once the door is open!

Is it normal for her to appear to be so worried once they start moving around?

Thanks for listening,

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I don't know what to say. If she is really upset, it may affect her care of the kittens. I had mine in a carpeted bedroom, and they didn't make much mess on the floor as they were litter training. Momma ususally cleans everything up. Now the food, that is a different story! I would put the food and water on a washable surface. I used the lid from a big rubbermaid container.

Someone will be along soon to offer good advice, I am sure!
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I moved my babies when they where three weeks old out of the closet into the computer room.I put them under my desk with a board low enough that mama cat could come and go as she pleases. Then when the babies where four weeks old i put a shallow cola box with non-clumping litter, food and water under the desk and let them run free in the room with a baby gate up to the door so I can keep them contained to the computer room, but mama can still jump over the gate and be free. I feel this is a very important time in their lives to have human contact.

Your mama cat needs to come and go as she needs to to live her normal life.Maybe this will help her be stress free.
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My Siamese Had Her Kits Under My Bed. 4 Beds On This Floor And I Suppose Since I Feed Her That Seemed Safe To Her But Not To Me. So I Moved Them. I Put Them In A Box In A Hallway Right Before Our Bathroom And I Do Not Lock Mom Up. That May Well Be What Is Stressing Her. Also How Warm Is The Bathroom-you Don't Want It Overly Warm Or Yes She Will Run Out Fast But She Mainly Wants Space And To See That Things Outside The Bathroom Haven't Changed. I Buy Less Food At One Time. I Used One Refrig Shelf To Be A Baby Gate Because Mom Had Kits And Is Tired. She Doesn't Need To Jump That High. The :censor::censor::censor::censor: Shelf Lays On Its Side And Makes The Kits Look Like They Are In Jail. I Make It Stationary By Placing At Both Ends And On Both Sides Of The Fence 30 Lb Pails Of Cat Litter. I Only Had 2 Full Ones So I Filled 2 Empties With Water. Now Mom Comes And Goes But Is Always Nearby Especially If I Am Near Her Kits And That Is What Yours Is Doing With You--letting You Babysit/protect Them. Mine Gets Very Antsy When Hers Stir Too And Then She Washes, Feeds Etc Them. She Wants Them Asleep.

Mom Needs Time To Herself--put A Little Gate Up They Can't Get Past. I Would Hate To See Ond Get Stuck Or Choke In A Baby Gate, I Put Up The Frige Shelf. It Is Just Too Small To Get Their Heads Through...and Too Warm Where I Am (but Cold Can Be As Bad) With The Door Shut. Make A Gate-things Will Get Much Better. Now Often Mom Lays Beside The Box Of Kits Which Is Behind The Gate But More And More Often She Lays In Front Of On The Opposite Side Of The Gate. She Needs A Personal Space, Wouldn't You?
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Ps---if You Put Water In Anything To Make It Stable As I Did To The Litter Containers That Are Empty--be Sure They Have Tight Lids. The Kits Grow Fast And Climb Even The Walls. You Don't Want Them To Drown. Just Try To Put Yourself In Their Place...and Remember That Pets Are Like Your Babies. You Have To Child Proof For Them. Don't Do Anything You Haven't First Thought Over For A Considerable Time So You Know It Is Safe.
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Pps-the Reason I Did Not Put My Kits And Mom In The Bathroom Was Not Only Can It Be Very Hot Or Cold In There With The Door Shut, But There Is A Toilet Tank And Stool Full Of Water So Be Sure The Tank Top Is Always On And The Lid Down On The Stool--before You Know It The Kits Will Not Only Be Climbing But Jumping.
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