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Laxative question

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Ok, the vet wants me to give Spyder either 1/4 tsp of metamucil or pumpkin once a day in his food, I only have the orange metamucil right now and he wouldn't eat the food with that in it this morning, made the food smell like orange, I guess that's why.
He'll only eat friskies canned prime filet style or similar in other brands, sometimes tuna or a fish type like fancy feast fish and shrimp so I don''t think using pumkin is much of an option because I doubt it will mix in very well.

So my question is until I can get some plain metamucil would giving Spyder hairball remedy be an ok subsititute? Because it's also a laxitive.

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Diane...do a search on this thread about Metamucil. I think that I read it needs to be mixed with water before it is given to a kitty but I am not sure. Some people try pumpkin, so search that too. I use laxatone but Spyder may need something else.

It seems to me that if a kitty is hesitant to eat...adding a new substance like Metamucil or pumpkin might be a problem. I hope that you get some useful answers.
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Actually, canned pumpkin mixes very well with canned food and my cats (some very picky) see it as a big treat.
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