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i found a few tiny dried blood drops in chloes fur (like flea dirt) however, she obviously doesnt have fleas, or else i would be covered since she sleeps on me.
i saw a bug on her last nite that looked like a human louse, not a cat louse. but i have searched her several times from nose to tail and there is not one sign of any bugs or eggs (she has very light fur so its easy to see) nor is she scratching.
what could be the cause of this?
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She still might have fleas but not be too infested, and cat fleas will prefer her to you. I would get her tot he vet and treated with Frontline or Advantage to kill any nasties.
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i was planning on taking her monday (no vets on weekends )

what is a good flea shampoo for her? shes a long hair(maine coon), if that matters
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Don't use flea shampoo either Advantage or Frontline will be sufficient.
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actually the vet told me to go ahead and bathe her in a few days to get rid of dead fleas
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