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Patched Cats?

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I'm craving some pictures of cats that are mainly one color, but have patches of other colors.

Orei will give you some examples...
What's that mom? Need me for something? *yawn* But I'm in the middle of a good nap!


As you can see, I have patches on my ears and chin, not to mention a smudge on my nose.

I also have patches on my back, one in the shape of a heart.

Princess is calling me, gotta run!

Okay, so let's see some patched cuties!

Only kitties I can think of with this unique pattern are Sophie and Sierra.
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I think my Iris qualifies for this! She only has orange on part of her face, tail, and a few spots on her back. The rest of her is white!

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Oh my gosh! Iris is adorable!
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My parents have a cat, Lily, that fits this description!

Here she is with her "brother" Riley

A more recent picture:
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My Spot and Dot.... (Lilos babies)

By the way... ya'll both have beautiful babies!!!
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I am in love! Don't stop, oncore! Oncore!
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Oh, I am loving it also..Thanks everyone.
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aww!!! soooooooooo cute!!!
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Originally Posted by Ilovecats
Oh my gosh! Iris is adorable!
Thank you!
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Oh...kitty really wants that milk....REALLY! LOL

They are ALL so adorable!!!
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My little guy, Patch is almost completely white except for two spots on his back, tail, some on his head and legs.

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Here's my Sweet "P" - Snoozing on the sofa

Posing for the camera

my skunky girl!

And my calico, Java - in heat

on my nephew's lap

what a comfy sleeping position, huh?

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Thread Starter cute!
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