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Help Urinating Problems

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I have 6 cats. I have had the first 3 since July 2003. The first was an eight week old stray. The second I got 2 weeks later from the humane society. The third "Mandarin" was an eight week old stray I received about 1 month later!!
Ever since I brought Mandarin home she has urinated out of the box. The first time was 8 weeks of age and on a nylon jacket. I am a vet tech, and I asked one of the doctors and they said some cats like the feel of nylon, so I dismissed it. Probably about 6 months later she urinated on a blanket on ME, ever since then she will go regularly out of the box.

Now she has no physical health problems. She will only urinate of my bed, laundry basket, blanket left on the couch, or towels/clothes left on the floor. She will go as much as once every two weeks to once every two months.

I have tried feliway plug in and spray. That didn't work! So now I added two more litter boxes in different locations and with different litter. I also have her on behavioral meds that are costing me a fortune!
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I would suggest you read this post:


So you ruled out a UTI?

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I have ruled out UTI, thank you!
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Rule out the physical problems (sounds like you have), and try the tricks in the thread that Katie linked to.

I have a large household and from what you've described, it sounds like a territorial problem to me. Some cats don't do as well as others in a large household. I have some that do that when we have a fundamental change in the house - new cat or dog, losing a cat, or just a change in working hours seems to be the biggest triggers. Depending on the personality of the cat with the problem, I try different things with them. My Tigger and Pinky are 2 of my culprits and I simply give them more love and affection. Tigger is still very feral and just needs extra reassurance sometimes. Pinky just loves the extra love. By watching very closely, you can often catch them before the bad behavior occurs and redirect them, or praise the heck out of them when they do things right.

Good luck - it is frustrating!
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I agree with MOM I have a multi-cat household- fourteen at the moment. I haven't used regular litterpans in years. In our cat enclosure I use those large pull-out storage containers that fit under your bed for litter pans, as well as a kiddy pool (small one) The cats can also access the house so there are pans upstairs in various locations.I don't use scented litter, just plain clay litter for the kittens and clumping for the adults. Sounds like you might have to many cats for your home and this is a territorial problem. If you have 6 cats, you should have at least 8 litter pans- I am guessing you have 3-4?
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I have 6 litter boxes, one regular, 3 large rubbermaid containers, One hooded, and one hooded with a door. I use unsented clumping litter. Currently I have different kinds in different boxes. I clean them one - two times daily.
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I have 8 litter boxes now! Hooded and unhooded!~! I have different litters too! And everyone is going where they should be going!!! I also have been giving Mandarin extra love!!!
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