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feline tracheotomy..

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Hello cat lovers, Im new to the forums, and quiet honestly I am not sure if I am even posting in the appropriate place. But I figure anywhere there are cat lovers has to be some helpful links or personal experience.

Yesterday my 4 yr old ragdoll Shayla had to have a tracheotomy, she is still in ICU and with a slight fever. Im trying to find some links with further information, after care, owners with first hand experience having this done with their feline. I have been unable to find much via searching google about felines who have had this procedure performed. Previously we thought she would need a laryngeal tie back but when they went in to do this, the sutures wouldnt stay, I was able to find all kinds of info on the tie back mostly in dogs and horses but some on felines. But now its like im chasing my tales in circles trying to find information about tracheotomy in any animals much less feline. I did find a good site about the procedure but in humans, and from what I could see after visiting Shayla compared to the human version it looks nothing the same. There was no tube or covering, just a gaping hole in her neck leaving the internal fleshy muscle viewable.

Anyone with first hand experience out here? Or know of some forums or support groups ? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading and any available information.

For anyone who is interested in more details about Shayla and the reasons leading to the tracheotomy the link in my profile will take you to her story with updates as we visit and talk to the vet.
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I'm sorry that I don't have info for you but I will keep your sweet kitty in my thoughts & prayers.

As far as donations to help pay for your vet bill, that you ask for on your linked web page...I would need to know a lot more about you than is told on that page. I would be very uncomfortable giving money to a member who has only one post, gives no personal info. such as a full name, home address etc, and uses "paypal" to process the requested donations. It sounds like you have many friends who are willing to help you. I do hope that you get what you need.

Please update how she is doing. Good Luck.
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Thanks for the prayers. And I appreciate the thought of a donation. Im not comfortable with putting a ton of my Real Life info on a webpage, being a lot of underage gamers have seen the site that are part of (teamwarfare.com, a competitive gaming league) and I admin for them. Most of them are quiet immature who knows what kinds of annoyance I would receive and unwanted attention cause I am a female gamer. Goodness knows I get enough of it as is just cause they do know I am female.

We have a couple interested in our house, so hopefully that doesnt fall through and this time we get rid of it, goodness knows now that we know what is wrong with Shayla we wont be moving back into it with false hope of a recovery. But that will help greatly since as is, I dont think we can actually afford the vet bill which we still dont know the price of, gotta love that about these things. But we put it on credit. Which is probably a bad idea but it had to be done.

As for the at hand issue, I just posted an update on the page from the visit tonight, just got back in town bout 2 hrs ago. She was put back in ICU but was very happy and responsive to see us, very high spirited. It was very sad to have to leave her another night there. But were hoping tomorrow we can take her home. Shes been having some problems with mucus plugs I dont know if thats something that will make them want to keep her another day for or not yet. Guess tomorrows afternoon visit will tell. Probably staying in the Charlotte area tomorrow to get the night visit also if they permit us.

Whew I wrote a book, sorry bout that. I will keep the page updated.
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Thanks for the update. I'm so sorry that Shyala is back in the hospital.
Keep updating this thread & hopefully a Mod or member will have some useful feedback for you about living with trachs. At the very least, you will have caring emotional support, as you continue on this journey with Shyala.
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She was never released. She went to a normal cage for a brief period before they put her back into an ICU incubator.

Anyway. I just wanted to come back and say thanks but no need now. Shayla passed away Sunday night. I will post more details on her page as soon as I can get myself together enough to change the graphics and re-arrange the current info there. It will be a memorial to her and a information for any owners in the future who notice their baby having some breathing difficulties. Maybe knowing sooner rather than much later when its as bad as Shaylas was will help them live a happier life. Less pokes, prods and exams.
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I am so sorry for your loss.
RIP sweet Shyala.
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OMG, I am so sorry to hear about your dear kitty!! But atleast the suffering is over for her!
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I am so sorry for your loss, Cascat! We have a forum here called "Crossing the Bridge", where we post when a kitty crosses the Rainbow Bridge. You might find it helpful to post there, when you are able to.

Rest in peace, Shayla. I'm sure your people are missing you very much. I'm sorry you were not able to stay longer!
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