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Find your school photos online.

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You have to try this!

This is really is amazing! Check it out. They actually have photographs of almost every school in the world. Unless you went to school when cameras weren't invented, you will probably find a photo of yourself, or at least one of your classmates. Click on the link below: Enter the name of your school and year that you were there
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You're right. I found me. Amazing.
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Okay YOU GOT ME!!!

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wow that certainly does look like my ex-bestfriend
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We're. Not. Amused. Hummph.

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Just showed my son his Daddy's high school pic......Father was not amused....son thought it was hilarious. I told hubby I was impressed, I honestly didn't know if he they'd have a pic of him from back then, since wasn't sure if cameras were invented yet (Hubby's an old fart...maybe not age-wise, but, boy! you should hear him carry on! You'd think he was 400, instead of almost 40!)
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Don't we all look beautiful
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I haven't changed a bit!!!!
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i knew i should of used hair remover more often mind u the one on the left reminds me of an old teacher
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I see I haven't lost the cheeky grin!
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LOL, that was cute!
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I couldn't find my picture but did find one of my ex-husband!
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I'm glad you guys got a kick out of it. It just cracked me up. I got the hubby with it, too LOL!!
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Hardy har har Kelly
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Now i know why i get waxed!!

Brilliant Kelly, i really thought "hey this should be interesting?!"
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I just got my husband with that one!!!!!
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Aww, I just found my boyfriend! He was so cute in high school!
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