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Need help ASAP with kitten

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Jinxy is 8 1/2 months old. We went to get him neutered about 2 months ago, but the vet said we couldn't do it because one of his testicles had not dropped. She said to wait because it would probably drop on its own.

Today me and my husband took him back to have the proceedure done and the vet told us that neither one of his testicles had dropped, which is pretty confusing!! Maybe she couldn't tell last time because he was so small!?

Anyway, he is having it done as we speak and I am very concerned. Is this serious? Is this a common thing? Is he in any danger? What kind of pain will my baby be in? I dont want him to die on the operating table!!! I am so nervous I cant think straight. He is a Persian and he breaths funny. He makes noises like his little nasal passages are so small. This makes me nervous about the anesthesia.

Please, any information on this that you can share would be much appreciated. I love him so much! What can I do to make him more comfortable afterwards? Am I being overly worried!?!

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He should be fine. It is more common than thought. The best way I can describe what they are going to do, is a spay for a female. He isn't in any more danger than if you had a female and she was getting spayed. Recovery will be longer than if his testicles were normal, but he should bounce back pretty quick. It's always hard when they are at the vet and in someone elses hands. Make sure and let us know how he did.
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Thanks Sandie - I was hoping that you would respond!

The update is that the vet called and said that he came through it fine!!!

He is now in recovery. She said one of the testicles was pretty much easy to find, but the other one was difficult and she had to make an incision and kind of dig for it. I'm just glad that it is over and he survived. She said we can pick him up around 4:00 pm and I cant wait!! I hope he wont be angry with us!

Would it be strange to ask the vet for the feline equivalent of tylenol for his pain?? I cant bear it if he is suffering in any way. I know I ask a lot of questions, so thanks for listening and responding. That's why I love this site so much!!!

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I am glad he made it through the surgery okay!! I always hate it when my babies are at the vet!! The vet may be able to give you something, but there are few things that cats can tolerate. Asprin even in cats can be toxic, so the vet has to carefully weigh the benifit vs the risk and it's a very low dose. I think he should be fine with some rest and love
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Actually, the neutering procedure is fairly simple and much less invasive or risky than a spay. Sorry guys! There aren't even any stiches in a kitty neuter.

But 8 1/2 months is a little old!! Most vets won't do it until I think 7 months, but if you go through the humane society or a shelter, they will do it much much earlier. This is better for two reasons. One, your kitty bounces back faster and remembers little of it (well, I guess that's speculative) and two, there's no chance of sexual maturation beforehand. Many kitties mature sexually earlier than the norm, and can develop bad habits like territiorial spraying that last even after the 'fix'.

My kitty was only 5 1/2 weeks when he was neutered, he came out fine and was running around (much to my chagrin! and against the advice of the vet) an hour after the surgery.

Despite the simplicity of the procedure, there are always risks, so I am glad to know your kitty is fine.
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Alicat613, If you read, Jacquie's cat Jinxy has undescended testicles, which made the procedure much more complicated.
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Hmmm....didn't think about that too much. They just cut a cord, but I guess if they haven't descended...

I would get a new vet though. Your vet sounds confused.
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Jacquie - so how is your little one doing?
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Hi. I dont think my vet was confused! When I took the little guy in to get neutered a few months ago, he was very small and she thought she could only feel one testicle. She thought if we waited, they would drop on their own. But as it turned out both were not descended. I'm pretty sure my vet took better care of him than the humane society would have.

Anyway, he has a pretty big incision up his abdomen and they had to shave his whole belly!! He was pretty uncomfortable and very sleepy for acouple of days, but this morning he was playing and looked very alert. He doesn't seem the least bit angry with us at all, which is what I was worried about a lot, because I knew that he was a little older than I would have liked and that he'd remeber the trauma more. But my little Jinxy is so sweet, I should have known he bounce back without becoming angry.

I am just so relieved that it is over and that my baby is going to be ok. Thanks so much for all your concern everybody!!

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J - this is good news! Rip goes tomorrow again to see if he can be 'done' ~ I pray we make out as well as you have.
Keep smiling
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Debra, why is he going back? Was there a problem with Rip? I hope not. I was so concerned about Jinxy because of his problem and I was amazed at how well he did! The first day was a little rough for the little guy, but it is now day 3 now and he is doing really great!!! Let me know about Rip.

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Rip suffers from a chronic respitory (sp) problem and they were afraid to have him go under last week. We have had a week's worth of a new antibiotics and hopefully he will be able to go throught things safely tomorrow - They did his sister, Smudgie last week and she is healing well. Poor tummy though, has no fur!
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Yup, Jinxy has a bare belly too!!!! Since he's a Persian, that's a lot of fur missing!!! I don't think he likes it much!

I'm glad Smudgie is doing well, but poor Rip!!! We had thought Jinxy had a respiratory problem too when we first got him because he makes so many noises when he breaths and it seems like it is hard for him to breath. He took antibiotics when he was a kitten, because they couldn't really tell what it was. But by now it is clear that since he is a Persian, even though he does not have a pushed in face, his nasal passages are as if he was a pushed in face Persian and are therefore smaller. The noises he makes are hysterical, and he snores like crazy. It is so, so cute. I am leaving work early today since it is slow, and I cant wait to see him and give him a zillion kisses!!

Good luck and keep us all posted on Rip.

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