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I weighed my kitties.

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I decided to see how much they weigh.

Jesse James(Chausie) is 5 months old he is 7lbs.

Zeke(Bengal) is 11 months old and is 10lbs.

Savannah(Ocicat) is 4 yrs old and is 9lbs.

Riley(Egyptian Mau) is 4 yrs old and is 15.5lbs

My babies are getting big

So what do everyone else's babies weigh, and what is their age?

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Gawd, you have some really beautiful cats. I'm almost green with envy. I love my to boys Rufus, and Lukey and wouldnt trade them for the world but youe cats are just stunning. Oh my boys are 6 yrars ols and Lukey is about 25 lbs. and Rufus is around 12-13 lbs.
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You've got some gorgeous meowies there!

Mik - 6 years - 11 pounds

Lex - 3 years - 7.5 pounds
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Awww, you got some big kitties!

Leo- 4yrs- 14 pounds (finally!)
Lola- 4.5 months - a little over 4 pounds the last time I weighed her (she's going to be a petite girl )
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my kitty is still under a year and weighs about 4lb
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CJ is one year and weighs 8.75 pounds.
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You really have a thing for the exotic breeds
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Well Gandalf got on the postage scale (he's a curious little devil) the other day and weighed 15lbs. My little boy is only two years old and weighs that much. He's a big built cat though.

Samwise hasn't been weighed since last vet check up and he weighed about 11-12 lbs then. He's long and skinny.

I remember when they where both tiny little things. I think I'm starting to get kitten fever.
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Thanks for all the nice comments about my babies. We couldn't decide on a breed, so we bought one of each. No seriously I think I may end up with a couple more someday. There are still some breeds out there that I REALLY like. I love the look of the Bombay. I would also like a Stone Cougar someday.... check them out....

They are pretty much a Chausie, but different breeding? I have not quite figured out much about them, but they look like the ultimate in a cat to me.

We got Jesse James because he is over 40% jungle cat and should grow to be bigger than Riley if we are lucky.

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I just had Skye weighed about a week ago and she weighed 6.88 pounds at almost 2 years old. I asked if she'd get any bigger and they said she should be full grown. Pachita though is 8 years old and weighs in at almost 12 pounds last time she got weighed. She's a chubby one.
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I don't weigh my kitties. They are all healthy so I don't feel the need.
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At the vet, Belle weighed 2.9 pounds. Annie is about half that, I would guess... she's a VERY small kitty, just like her momma! CJ is about 6 lbs, I think, and Billy is a whopping 12-14 lbs! Annie and Belle are 4 months, and CJ and Billy are 1 1/2.
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I weighed Taralen today she weighs 2.03KG and is 5 Months old.

I tried to weigh Huggy but he's to heavy to get a reading on the scales I tried.(Kitchen ones) I would have tried Eviecat and Molly but i didnt want any scratches today
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A month ago when Kitters had her spay she weighted 5 1/2 lbs. she's about 3 1/2. I think she was doen to 5 after surgery. she is actually getting wieghed Tuesday when she goes back for shots! I'll tell you how much she weighs then. I hope she gained a little weight! She's so tiny!
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I have to weigh my kittens, they are supposed to be from same litter (the vets doubts this) but one has a daddy who the vet says is Maine Coon so he is twice the size of his sister. They are almost 4 months and I can't believe he was ever little.
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Look out, here comes Cody...4 years old and 20 pounds.

EEK! She's just a tab big-boned for her age. Would love to put her on Special Diet food but she has to stay on the UTI food.
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Jupiter 5 months = 11lb

Jupiter 1 yr 3 months = 7lb
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Well, the vet day has come and when she got weighed today she was:

6.12 lbs

She gained over 1/2 lb in 1 month! I'm so proud of her!
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Pixie is around 12 lbs at about 2 and 1/2 years old. Not to bad, a little round, but looks healthy.

Milo, at only 10 months old, is 14 lbs and he's still growing!! I don't even want to know how much he's going to weigh when he's finally finished growing.
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Meeko is 10 years old, and weighs 15 lbs. - it doesn't show, though, he is long and very lean, and the vet says this is a perfect weight for him.

Esmeralda is nine years old and weighs 15 lbs. as well, but for her, this is too much - we are working on her losing two or three pounds.

Phineas is four years old and weighs 17 lbs. - he is a huge cat, though, so this is about right for him - he could stand to lose maybe a pound.

Henry is 21 months, and weighs 16 lbs. - again, about right for his size, but he could probably stand to lose a pound.
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