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2 Girls Perform C-Section To Save Kittens

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Could you have done this at either of their ages? How about now?

Two girls save kittens by performing Caesarian section a neighbour's dead cat
National Post, August 11, 2005

Two teens improvised a Caesarian section to rescue the kittens of a dead cat that they had stumbled across in a New Brunswick forest last week. Monica Castonguay, 15, and her cousin Kim Quimpere, 13, were walking in the woods near their homes in the town of St. Quentin when they saw the motionless cat, which belonged to their neighbour. The cat was still warm, so the girls, who have no experience with biology dissections, decided drastic action was needed. Kim ran home to get an old sweater a knife and some cotton swabs while Monica tried to figure out how to approach the operation. It proved a good guess, and she found the placental sack with two kittens inside. After rubbing the kittens' noses to clear the mucous, the young surgeons were rewarded with loud mewing.
Alex Hutchinson, CanWest News Service
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Wow! Good for them. Did they say what will happen to the kittens or what happened to the poor momcat?
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I am assuming they knew the cat was pregnant. Wow I really hope the cat was dead when they did that. I mean I have no idea how long kittens would survive in utero with the mom dead. Probably not long after the heart stopped beating???
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Here's another report on the same story. I guess only one of the little guys made it.
Teens operate to save dead cat's kittens:-
ST. QUENTIN, New Brunswick | August 10, 2005 9:12:01 PM IST

Two Canadian teens saved two kittens when they performed a Caesarean section on a dead cat they found near St. Quentin, New Brunswick.

Monica Castonguay, 15, and Kim Quimpere, 13 -- found the still-warm pregnant feline when they went for a walk July 31 in the woods, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported. The girls recognized the cat and decided to operate.

Quimpere told French-language newspaper Acadie Nouvelle she went to a nearby house and borrowed a knife, cotton swabs and a sweater.

Castonguay performed the surgery and found two kittens from a litter of four still alive, which the girls cleaned, bundled and took home. A neighborhood cat that had lost its brood heard the kittens mewing that night and adopted the pair, one of which died later.

Castonguay has adopted the survivor.

Quimpere said she found the experience both interesting and nauseating.
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Awwwww... that is great.
I could never have done that.
But as I always say I guess I never know until I am face to face with the situation.
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I never did a c-section, but I had foundling baby rabbits as a teenager. They had been run over by a lawn mower, and they got maggots in their wounds. My girlfriend and I used tweezers to dig into the cuts to pull the maggots out, cleaned the cuts, and put the wild baby rabbits with my rabbit who was a new momma.

With a little help, she took care of them for a few weeks. They grew up quicker than my tame rabbits, but never got tame. They would bash their heads against the cage trying to get away from my dog. The tame babies would sniff the dog's nose!

Once they were eating grass on their own, I let them go.
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Here are the wonderful couragous heroines: Monica on the left is seen holding the surviving the kitten.

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What a beautiful story! THANK YOU! It made my day start off happily!
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Wow, what wonderful kids! I hope they find TCS one day so that we can all give them a hero's welcome
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That's very cool. Smart girls!!
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Isn't that a Wonderful story, Bless those girls, maybe they will be Vets someday.
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