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Git R Done

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I got one female,PiFo, spayed yesterday and one male,Cuppy, neutered!!!
I am very very happy as you can tell.
I also have a female cat named Arwin scheduled to be spayed on the 19th.
Arwin is especially a good thing as she has produced 17 kittens so far this year....8 in her first litter and 9 in her second. Of those 17 kittens only 7 are still alive. The 4 kittens in her most recent litter aren't expected to live much longer. They were born on Mother's Day.
I am especially happy to get her done at last. Her 2 brothers and one of her sisters are all spayed and neutered as well as is her mother.
It has been a long and difficult process but we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel for the first time in 8 years.
On a sad note. I caught a mother cat last April named Spot. She was giving birth to kittens on my front porch. Since she is a feral cat I found that quite odd. I was able to catch her and bring her inside. She gave birth to 4 kittens and 2 of the have since died but the other 2 are doing good. I was hoping to get her spayed as she is a big offender and trap elusive cat. But she escaped. Not through ordinary measures either. She got behind the dryer and somehow got out through the hole for the dryer vent. It must have been loose as she just pulled the silver thingy out and went on out. Who would have ever thought??? I was really surprised to come home and see her laying in the yard. I have since replaced the vent and it is in there good now. Now I have to catch her somehow again before she delivers anymore defective kittens.
The job is never ending. The cats both feral and tame never cease to amaze me with their resourcefulness. Gotta love 'em though. They certainly aren't dumb. Spot had to have some kind of reasoning going on to have found that way out.
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you are off to a good start, let's hope the trend continues. I know you are flooded with cats-
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Your words of encouragement means a lot.
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Nan...it's a wonderful thing you are doing..the more cats you catch and spay/neuter...the fewer unwanted litters. Keep up the good work.

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Your words of encouragement are also very much appreciated.
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It can be frustrating, because what you are facing is based on other's irresponsibilty. Not spaying or neutering, dumping off any cat they don't want in your area. Unchecked, this colony has continued to inbreed and that is why you have been fighting diseases, and have had so many kitten fatalities. You are just a kind-hearted woman who sees a starving cat outside your window, and runs outside to feed them. The problem is with feeding one, others come and soon you are overwhelmed in the numbers, unable to provide quality care for the droves of cats around your area and it is like trying to hold back the tide with a teaspoon. I am glad there is now a rescue organization helping you cull the numbers. And I wish you luck and no more visits and posts to Crossing the Bridge-
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