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Vanilla Trick

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I read about using vanilla essence on old and new cats to make them smell the same and hopefully make introducing them easier. Has this worked with anyone here before? The cats have been in the same home for just over a month now, but they haven't had a lot of contact, mainly because the old cat is veeery old and tries to ignore that the new ones are there, until they invade his space, then he swipes at them. It's not all been bad though, there have been some occasions when the kittens and Diddy have sniffed at each other with no problems, but I still don't trust them alone together

How should I go about using vanilla? Should I leave it on them for a while before bringing them together so they get used to themselves smelling like it?
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I donno, good idea. I'm gonna try that and let you know how it goes...
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I remember reading about that recently. Just going by memory here, but I think you put a small dab of vanilla essence on the backs at the base of the tail and near the noses of both cats. (I will google this to see if I can find it). You'd do it a few days before the introduction so they get used to the smell being familiar. Sounds sensible! Thanks for reminding me -- one of mine has gone for surgery and I think this trick will help with the reintroduction when she gets home!
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Three places, under the chins, between their shoulders and base of the tail, and yes it does work, but you have to reapply it several times a day as it wears out, and don't use a lot of it
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I think you have to use real vanilla, not vanilla flavoring. Look at the ingredients on the bottle. And if it's mucho expensive, it's real vanilla.
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It's only about $7-$12.00 and what you save on vet bills makes it worthwhile
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