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dog harness

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HI there!
Chester has successfully grown out of his little red cat collar. Mostly he's too long between the shoulders for the middle stick of the "H" to fit right. Also, he's bulking up around the midsection as of late. He's only 10 months old right now, so I'm still expecting a little bit of growth.
Regardless! He just doesn't fit in the cat harness's anymore. Do you think that a dog one will work, and if so, what should I look for in one?
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Check this site

I had their Roman syle harness for my big cat, but they also do an H style for larger girth.
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what about a cat jacket.. ( hopes Bengalbabe will post link
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I've used a 14 inch dog harness. It fit very well. I think it's called the "petite" size.
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I also need to buy a larger one for Abby, but I wanted to mention that of all the harnesses I have tried, the Lupine one is the best. She always managed to partially slip out of the others - maybe my fault - could have been bad fit. I have also had some of the buckles snap. She was a bit rambunctious her first few times out The Lupine one is very well constructed.
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Lupine collars are awesome! I don't put them on the cats, but I get them for my dogs and for all the rough-housing they do, they still look new after a year.
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