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13 days....

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Thirteen days till i close on my new house! On my FIRST house!

Any advice on how to start prepping my kitties for the move? And is it best to move everything and then the kitties or move the kitties and then move the other stuff?
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Congrats on the house!!

When we moved into our home, I took the cats over the night before...the cats got to spend the night in our new home before we did.
Then, the morning of, before we started bring things in, I penned the cats in the bathroom with food and water and litterbox, of course, since it was the one room I could guarantee would not have any boxes to go on in there. As well as, the bathroom is pretty decent sized.
After we brought in the last load, I let the cats out of the bathroom, while we returned the truck.
By doing it the way I did, taking them over the night before, is this way they could check out their new home in total comfort.
Good luck to you.....I know how exciting it is to finally have a home of your own. I've been a homeowner for almost 6 years. The only thing that sucks, is there's no landlord to call when something major breaks.
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We always move the stuff and then the kitties.

Good luck!!
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Congrats on the house. How exciting!!! I'd move the stuff, then the kits.......and be patient with them........it'll all work out fine.
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They are pretty easy going. i think with all the extra windows and places i can hang bird feeders for them to watch...i think they are going to be very happy! They are enjoying the million packing boxes around the apartment right now!
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but who's counting!!!!

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We're moving into our first "owned home" in twelve days!!!
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