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Worried about our little girl

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Well, we dropped Roo off to the vet to be spayed this morning. She's our first female kitten so we are very anxious and hated leaving her there. I know this is routine and it's the best thing for her health, controls overpopulation, etc, (I'd never consider NOT spaying her) but I still feel guility for putting her through this!
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Just keep in mind you're doing it for her own good, it's not like declawing a kitty. She'll be happier and healthier in the long run
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I worried too when our two girls went in - one took a a day or two of moping around - the other was bouncing around soon as she got home.

She'll be fine.
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Don't worry, we've all been where you are. I cried both times in the surgery when i had to hand them over

Trust us she'll be fine
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I understand how you are feeling. I was freaked out when Sadie went for her spay.
Roo should be back home by late this afternoon.
Be sure to get instructions from you vet about when to feed Roo. You want her to be wide awake she eats.
Your did the right thing.
Update this thread when she gets home to let us know how she is feeling.
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Thanks everyone! Roo did really well, she wasn't as dopey as the boys were when they were neutered, and was actually a little too active...although we kept her in our room with little to climb on, she would rush into some dark corner for a snooze, and then come out a while later and rush somewhere else or jump on the bed before I could stop her. Saturday we deliberately kept her quiet, but she seemed comfortable, eating a bit and pooping. We are keeping an eye on her when she's with our other kitten as he can get rough, and we separate them when we're not there to supervise, but she seems back to normal today.

Thanks for the support, we were both in tears when we dropped her off, but it all worked out well. Nice to know we aren't alone!
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