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Cassi is back at the vet

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I hope and pray that we can get a clear diagnosis soon.
She's such a happy girl, and has already been robbed of her kittenhood, I just want her to have a good life.

Being covered in sores can't be comfortable at all.

Cultures and blood tests have discovered nothing, Ivermectin (on one vet's hunch) did nothing.
Today, they're going to biopsy a sore, but to me, this seems pointless, as at this stage, I'm really certain the sores are secondary in nature, and something in her system is causing them.

Wish her luck please.
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Even if this is auto-immune or allergy the biopsies will tell. It is really amazing what a pathologist can tell you by looking at tissue. I'm sure you will have an answer soon.
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Poor Cassi, that can't feel good at all!
Sending good vibes to cassie and vibes that the vet can find a diagnoses for her so she can get the proper treatment.
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Major hugs for you & Cassi.
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Lots of good {{vibes}} coming your way. I hope you and Cassie get over this and come out the otherside just fine
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I am certain she hates me now.
How many times can her fragile trust be shaken?
She was feral, she's only just started becoming an extremely lovey girl and very playful.
I feel I'm always taking one step forward and three steps back.

My MIL just dropped her back home for me, they biopsied the back of her neck, and behind her left ear.
I was told to place a rolled up sweatshirt sleeve on her neck to keep her from ripping out her stitches.
That ticked her off and lasted all of three minutes after which she prompty scratched at her stitches, started bleeding and went and hid.
I had to wake my fiance' who works nights, to help me corral her.

I ended up taking just the cuff of the sleeve and cutting two holes in it and threading gauze through, over the protective cuff I slipped an E-collar, hopefully this will work.

To top things off, I'm to give her Orbax once a day, this is a cat that freaks if you pick her up, or touch her feet, and I don't see toweling her with a very sore neck and an e-collar.

I could just cry.
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That's so sad... Let us know the biopsy results. Sending you warm thoughts...
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Thanks everyone.
I will definitely post the results when I get them, Monday would be the soonest.

I'm beyond caring what it is, I just want to be able to treat it at this point with success.
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Well, I feel much better today..I've apparently been forgiven.

She totally hates the e-collar, but she's not letting it bother her too much, she's tearing through the house now, playing with Ivory.

Pilling hasn't been too bad, it just takes both of us and our handy pill popper, thank goodness it's only once a day.

She's trying very hard to convince one of us to give a good scratch to her stitches though, poor girl.
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Aw poor sweetie. I'm thinking of her.
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Sending you my best, Arlyn ... I know this is horribly hard on you and I share your frustration. But, I just have to say how much I respect what you are doing for this little one.

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Thanks, it really means a lot to me.
I know she's a mix breed, but she looks and acts so much like my old Applehead Siamese I had growing up.
I wasn't able to there for her when she needed me, and I think I've transferred all that onto this girl.
She doesn't seem to mind, though I wish I could understand all her chatter and help her understand why we keep doing these horrible things to her.
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She knows, my dear. Take my word for it, she knows.

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So glad she is recovering well.
post #17 of 19 are taking such good care of sweet Cassi.
Major hugs & cuddles to you both.
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Eosinophilic Granuloma is the diagnosis.
Still no diagnosis on the cause, allergy is suspected though.
As of now, her vet is holding off on steriod treatment and sticking with cold laser treatment 3x a week.
Since Cassi is just barely a year old, chances are pretty good that the outbreak itself will clear up, but we're facing a lifetime of preventative treatment, and may still have to resort to traditional steriod treatment.

The bad news I got today was that the scales have tipped somewhat against Ivory, the one eyed kitten, and now her vets are about 70% certain that she has congenital glaucoma and will most likely lose her remaining eye.
They are however hopefull that the los can be postponed near indefinitely with regular treatment and therapy.
So hopefully, she can keep her eye until she has a few years under her belt.
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AWWWWWW you are a to help this babies
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