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snoring cats????

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I thought it was me imagining things - but right now laying beside me is Bagpuss and she is fast alseep and she is this normal and does anyone else here have a snoring kitty???
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I do I do!!! Ha ha ha... Yep, my Maine Coon Ash snores sooooo loud we have to turn the TV up to hear it!!! ha hah a.. bless him... he is 8 years old.. so I guess I'll let him off.... hee hee... :laughing:
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My Eric snores a lot too, he's like an old man - sometimes he wakes me up at night hee hee.
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My kitty doesn't snore..but he purrs really loud! He wakes me up at night.
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Tic can saw logs with the best of them. i actually find his kitty-snores relaxing tho 'cause he looks so happy while doing it.
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Oh my does my Kiki ever snore!!! Sometimes so loud it is hard to think of what I am doing on the computer... But I love to hear her do it. She is a Maine Coon and is 8 years old and I love her dearly!!!!
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ROTFLMAO look at the size of Tic's belly... Poor undernourished cat...
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Tac sleeps pretty quiet,but does get the "twitches" when he's dream chasing.
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Kittyfoot, are you sure that's 2 different cats? They look like bookends!
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yep,them's my boys. Tic is somewhat larger than Tac and has a white tip on his tail.

Here's Tic in full snooze mode.
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here's the boys at about 1 yr old when the size disparaty wasn't so obvious. Tic's on the left..Tac's on the right.
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SUNLION.....yep that is 2 different cats! I have met both of them. Another way to tell them apart is that Tic has more white above his nose then Tac does.
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You can see the different markings on their backs in this photo.
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I love dem fat cats sleepin' belly up! Don't you just want to rub those bellies!

I guess there really are 2 of them. How fun is that piccy of them paw to paw?
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OMG! I love those kitty butts too!
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my 9 month old maine coon snores for england but my 2 bengals just twitch a lot
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Tic was a bit amazed..."She likes my WHAT??"
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ROTFLMAO... This thread is just toooo cute
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So nite,nite.

C'mon folks let's see some other sleepy kitty pics.
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Don't even THINK about commenting on my posteria!!! After all I am a lady!!!
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Wayne, no wonder you don't each much! Tic and Tac steal your food! :laughing2 Whew....those are some big 'ol boys! :laughing2

My cats don't snore, but they dream quite a bit and run in their sleep. They're little footsies just a 'goin in's a riot. :LOL:
You wanted pics of kitty bellies?

I call this one "Opie, have you no shame?" :laughing2

This one's of Murphy...he sleeps like an upside down pretzel...or the best imitation of a pretzel...kind of twists his body in a full stretch and goes for that punk rock look mode. OMG! Look at that face! :LOL:

Thanks for posting the pics of the Tic & Tac! I had no idea how remarkably similar they are! They remind me so much of Cash & Cary! Almost identical! :laughing2 Soooo cute! I love their butts too! haha


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I just love that picture of Murphy!! It's amazing how he can sleep all twisted up like that!!!

Snowball doesn't snore, he makes litle clicking noises instead.
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LOL. My Poppy snores too. It's so cute! And when she purrs, she makes bird sounds. I think they sound like a partridge or a dove, but I'm not sure. It's sort of a 'coo'.

Cute kitty pics everyone! I'll post some later. I promise!
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My Dani snores someties, it is the cutest thing!!!!

The little lady is a snorer!!!!!!!!!! :LOL: :LOL:
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Oh my love the photos! And love that facial expression!

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I'm new here. I don't know if you would call what my Barbi does snoreing but whenever she breathes it is really loud, sometimes in the middle of the night she will curl up by my head and actually wake me up with just her breathing. She is about 10 months old.

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Sugarly has snored since she was a baby. It is almost like a little snoring weeze. It is too cute!
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Thanks you guys...yeah, that's just a couple of the silly positions those two get in! haha!
Looking forward to seeing some more of everyone else's beautiful babies

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