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Allergic to scented cat litter???

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One of my four cats (Cassie) has been licking the hair off her lower stomach and inner thighs for about the last 3 months. I just attributed it to the fact that she constantly grooms herself (and always has). She will be 3 years old in a few weeks. She now has started licking the fur off the tops of her back feet. I finally decided I better get her looked at. My vet (who is also my boss) thinks it may be some time of contact allergy. Because of where the hair loss is he really doesn't think it's a food allergy, but he said it is possible. The only thing in my house that I can think of that has changed recently is their cat litter. I was using the Arm & Hammer "unscented", but switched to the "Multi- Cat" variety after we adopted our fourth cat a few months ago (I think it was right about the time her problem started). The Multi-Cat is highly scented. I'm going to get some unscented Arm & Hammer tomorrow to see if it helps any. I took her to work with me yesterday and she got a steriod shot which should relieve her itching (but probably only for a few weeks or so). I have to try and figure out what she's allergic to before the shot wears off though! If it's not the litter the next thing I have to do is put her on a hypo-allergenic food (duck & pea) for 8 weeks which I really don't want to do if at all possible. It's going to be such a pain to keep them totally seperated for meals (but I will do it if I have to). Has anyone ever had a cat with symptoms like Cassie has? If so, was it in fact allergic to scented cat litter? Are there any other brands of (unscented) clumping litter out there that anybody can recommend? I love the clumping litter and really do not want to go back to clay. I have four cats that share 3 litterboxes and clumping is just so much easier when it comes to scooping. When I used to use clay litter I had to dump all the boxes and scrub them out about every 3 days because the urine smell would get really strong if I went longer than that between changes. I was using a ton of clay litter back then (which is not fun to haul home from the store all the time). I was also wondering if there is such a thing as a cat being allergic to all types of clumping litter (scented and unscented)? The Dr. at work has never heard of that, but I guess it is possible??
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I am allergic to scented cat litter. I would think a cat could easily have a reaction to it.
When Dexter was a kitten, he had an asthma attack caused by the dust from a cheap clay litter...non-clumping type.
I have heard that anyone can become allergic to anything at anytime.
That might apply to animals too.
Do a search on this forum about litter types...corn, wheat, newspaper, pine etc. I think that there are some that clump naturally. There might be other types of litter available that you could try. Also there is a lot of info on the web about cat allergies. Good Luck.
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