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ebay fiasco- rant!

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or alternativly titled ' why if i want something done properly i have to do it myself'


i was selling a job lot of old vhs on ebay mainly just to get rid of them. the bidding ended at five pounds.

i specified that they were really heavy as there was over 20 of them and the winner should pick them up rather than have them posted.

of course the winner then wanted them posted so i reminded him that this was NOT a good idea and told him he would have toi wait until i have time to go get them weighed as i'm working 8am - 9pm with no breaks off site.

anyway, the guy sends me a cheque for nine pounds, he has assumed the postage and packaging will be no more than four pounds. :censor::censor::censor:?!!

to make matters worse, my mum opens the cheque for me and posts the videos to him at the cost of ten pounds! so i am a pound down! i have paid this bloke a pound to take the videos. lol

you might think she did it to help but she did it because she just wanted the videos out of the house and knew if i came back i would ask for the full amount and they would be there another week.
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Nicky i'm sorry for laughing but thats cracked me up here
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I'm sorry for laughing too!

It's funny the way Mums are like that - sounds like something mine would do!

Maybe you should ask you Mum for the £1!!
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Oh NO!!!!!!! THAT is NOT a good thing, either!!!
I thought you were going to post about Ebay and the new Paypal thing, regarding all their new charges that will be being taken out with using Paypal now... Grrrrrrrrrr... THAT makes me mad, so I'm mad, and you're mad--but about two different things on Ebay!
Sorry about all that, I feel badly for you!
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lol- it is a bit funny and i can see the funny side now.

i emailed the guy and explained (why did he send me a cheque before i told him the amount?!) and its up to him and his conscience whether or not he sends me the money.

he could at least send me a pound so i break even!
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Originally Posted by Missy&SpikesMom
I thought you were going to post about Ebay and the new Paypal thing, regarding all their new charges that will be being taken out with using Paypal now... Grrrrrrrrrr...
i havent heard about that.

well, this is the last time i use ebay for selling so it wont affect me. lol
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You never know he might feel sorry for you and send the postage?!.

I feel like sending you it!!
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maybe we should start a collection fund?

why would he think 20 videos would only cost 4 quid to send?!

at least they are gone and i dont have to trip over them any more!
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Nicky, don't you have one of those booklets from the Post Office that gives you the weights and prices? You can do all the weighing and pricing from home then!

You should have said to him to cellotape a pound coin to a piece of cardboard and send it to you! (remember like getting things fom cereal packets as children?!)

I hope you get your pound!
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i'm just going to put this one down to experience but alwasy keep in mind that my mum IS actually insane and her mind doesnt work the same way as most peoples. lol
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I always thought the pont of selling was to MAKE money.. not to give it away... still, while you're in the process of giving it away, you could send me a cheque!! Definitely a bad experience, I'd say! Next time, I'd try a car boot sale!!
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I always state that if they don' stick to my terms and comditions its a no sale. Well at least you got rid of the cassettes
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This has happen to me so many times. This one time I was selling three magazines so I put them for $1. Somebody bought it for $1 but I have miscalculated the shipping. I charged $4 when it should have been $8. My mistake. So I paid somebody to take the magazines. From then on I said to myself if there is smth inexpensive that I want to list I will just throw it out. Because if I list it for $1, Ebay will take its fees, PayPal will take its fees and then for 50c I will have to go to the post office. Not worth it. And in general Ebay is getting worse. There should be some competition coming soon.
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