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Are U a Cat Person?

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hehehehehe Rune and I are both most definitely cat people!! I think nearly all of these apply to us, and his mother is worse than we are! Birthdays and Christmasses are all very easily catered for - something with a cat on it, and we're over the moon!
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Awesome site, Howard!
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I plead 99% guilty to all of those!
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Oh my life, how many of them are so true!!
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That's great!
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It's gonna be a long nite...sigh
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Guilty as charged!
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Ohhh...I had to laugh all the way through that because that's my life! Especially the ones about finding cat hair in my food, and keeps on eating...not moving all night because kitty doesnt like it...getting another pillow for myself....everyone of them!!!!!!!!!Thanks for sharing this!!!!
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Oh Yeah!
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Your parents wind up with a four-footed, furry "grandchild."

Guilty! My mom had a lady who kept pestering her about us having her some got tired of it and told the lady she'd show her a picture of them...but not to laugh, that they were handicapped......lady said sure, she'd never laugh at a whipped out the pics of the two kits we had at the time! Lady hasn't asked again since.....
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Originally Posted by BigKittenDaddy
YUP! That's me alright!
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They forgot one... your kittys overnight bag is double what yours is..
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I plead guilty to most of those plus not only did I rent the apartment I'm in just for the Windows alone (they have a really wide window ledge on them, it's almost like a shelf) just so the boys would have somewhere to look out (and this was before I go the boys.). BUt I also bought all the furniture with them in mind. Ie the enterainment center had to be low enough that they could rare up and watch TV and it has a ledge that they can sit on when their cat tape is running.
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Well that certainly explains it all.
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Yep. And I think I will be hanging some cat toys on the Christmas tree for Mooch and Noodles this year. Although they may think that they can play with the tree then. Oh well, I don't have many glass things anyway!
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I'm guilty. My clothes have cat hair on them even when I'm 1,000 miles away from them on a business trip.
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