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Strange question but..

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Do you meow at your cats? Is this normal..because I meow at my kitty
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Emmy and I have whole conversations that goes on for about 20 minutes.
Of course I have no idea what she's saying.
But my hubby says that Emmy should have a mute button, 'cause she's very chatty!
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Yeah... I meow to CJ, Billy, Annie, and Belle. Belle I do the most, because she has a funny meow, which I repeat back to her. CJ doesn't meow much, but everytime Billy does, someone in our house sends him a MEOW! back! Annie meows like crazy, and boy is she LOUD! I meow back at her sometimes, but she meows so much, you kinda loose the fun with her!
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Lukey and I meow at each other all the time but especially at bedtime I dont know why but we do.
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Actually when my sister's cats were here I would start meowing to get Jack Daniels to be the only one coming to me. He never meows back it's basically how I call him to me. Anyway after awhile the other 2 caught on that "hey that odd meow is auntie!!" and they started coming too.
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I mimick Elmos meow and it sounds exactly the same as him. He always gives me a funny look when I meow at him but then he meows back!
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My cats and I talk all the time I have no idea what is said, but it's always interesting.
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My meows are not very good. Everytime I meow they look at me strangely. Like I said something idiotic.
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I do the same as Wellington
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me and my brandie talk all the time when she wants to go outside. now to hear them attempt english!

Me-really now? mreeeoww you say?
Brandie- Did i studder?!
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I meow at my cats all the time!

With Phoebe if I don't meow back and have a 'conversation' with her, she would never stop meowing.
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hehehehe both me and DH are guilty of miaowing at Tosca - but she's quite picky about who she talks to. If you give the best cuddles that day, she'll come only to you... if you miaow at her, she'll only choose one of us to miaow back to. She's very much a daddy's girl though
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I go around meowing and purring at all of my cats all the time...sometimes there isnt a spoken word here all day, just our meow talk!
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Yes lol! even ben has picked it up hahaha
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You know I never really thought about it but yes I meow at the boys. But then growing up my Dad would meow at the cats we had then. My cousin meows at hers too. I just thought everybody would.
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Yep! I meow! Sometimes just funny sounding ones to see what they will do. We've had a few short conversations now too.
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Well, when I first read this, do you meow at your cats, I thought, "no". But although I call "here, kitty, kitty" when they are far away, if they are close I give that little purr-mew, like a momma calling her kittens. Or if I want to give them a quick "no", sometimes I give a little hiss. And I give lovey mews when Gar kisses me.
So I guess the answer is yes, but its not a real concious thing, just a little extra communication! LOL! Purrs and headbonks to all!
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Not usually. Sometimes, but my cats and I usually communicate through body lauguage.
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I meow and purr....but mostly talk to her. It's sad because I talk to her more than I talk to my mom, and I live with her. She also works at home
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