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Daily thread

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Welcome to Friday!
Normally I am glad when Friday rolls around, but this week it means I have been home for a week and have done NONE of the chores I was going to! :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
Think I can cram a whole weeks worth of heavy-duty house cleaning into one day??????

Have a good day everyone and I will see you later, probably with dish-pan hands! Madge........Where's the Palmolive?
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I love Fridays as it is the weekend although it is not as good as Wednesday as wednesday means the weekend is coming. Today I was going to do loads of house work but ended up doing noting at all except for playing with the kitties and having some lunch and treating the kitties and watching movies and snoozing!!!! So a vert lazy day had here!
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Today is laundry day for me, what fun! I'm getting ready to go on a girls weekend tomorrow with some friends, so we'll be having a great time. I really need to get away from the house, the kids, and yes, my hubby.
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I'm so excited. Tonight the SO and I are going to see Elton John/Billy Joel face to face (the name of the tour). I've seen Elton a couple times and he's amazing in concert. I've never seen Billy Joel and I'm really excited to see him. I can't wait for tonight. So that's my evening.

Woke up with another migraine so I'm working from home from now. I will go in later when the medicine kicks in. I slept on my neck wrong and I think that's why my head hurts so bad.

Amanda, I'm so jealous that you get to go horse back riding! I love to do it but I don't get the opportunity very often. Your day sounds like it was wonderful! I love being lazy

Mary Anne, congratulations on your test! I have to say that I'm less surprised than you.

Dawn have a great girls day out! You deserve it

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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Happy Friday everyone! No work for two days! I hope that you all will find time to relax and enjoy the weekend!
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I'm completely envious!

AP, I've heard about that Elton John/Billy Joel concert and it should be fabulous! They've done that tour a couple of times now and friends of mine who've gone - even friends who are not big fans of either man - come home raving about it. Enjoy!

Dawn, you enjoy that ladies' weekend! Nothing like getting together with the other women and without the men to give you a lift. Nothing against men, mind you, just nobody understands us like each other, you know?

We are having satellite tv put in, so hubby is home from work today. That means nothing will get done, since I work best with nobody around. I only get simple things done when my daughter is awake, so it's not just him. I'm too easily distracted, I guess.
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Wow, it sounds like everyone is off to a pretty good weekend. For any GOV employees it's a 3 day weekend(YEAH)!!
I got to stay home today, but it was payment for having to work last Sat. Which I think is just fine since now I have a 4 day weekend. I started my morning by going shopping BY MYSELF, no kid, no husband. I got to browse through the clothing section and all. Now I am getting ready for the cat show this weekend. The 2 cats had baths and all the kittys got a manicure. The biggest reason I show is to hang out with cat people all day. They are all (most of them) so fun to spend time with. I get to see people I only see once a month. For those of you who have seen Kaos, it will be his first show, so I am excited to see how he does. The only bummer is that now they say that we might get anywhere from 6 to 8 inches of snow on the coast. I dont like driving in the snow so I am wishing it FAR AWAY!! Any other weekend I would just curl up with hubby on the couch and watch movies all weekend..LOL.
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Colby - My husband and I went to a Billy Joel/Elton John concert years back (about 7 maybe?) here in Dallas. It was phenomenal! I wish I could go again. I absolutely love both those artists. You'll have a great time!

Sunlion - I had Direct TV installed 2 weeks ago because our cable bills were going up to almost $50 a month, with no movie channels. Now we get many, many more channels with Direct TV, and it only costs $38 a month. What a deal! Is this what you're doing?
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Dawn, I think it's Direct TV, at least it's not Dish Network and I think those are the only two. We also got a Tivo box, which is kind of like a programmable vcr with a hard drive. It stores about 30 hours of programming, it will record shows by name so it effectively hunts them down on any channel at any time, it will track your watching and record things it thinks you'll be interested in if there's room, and with the new box, you can watch one channel and record another.

This is really nice for us because there is stuff on at 7 or 8 that hubby and I like to watch that maybe kids shouldn't see, but our daughter goes to bed at 8 so either she is up or we are busy. Plus Disney channel shows some good stuff late at night and PBS and Nick show younger kids' shows very early, so we can save stuff to watch on our own schedule. This way, we choose our programs and our time instead of rearranging our lives to accomodate, say, West Wing at 8 on Wednesdays.
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I want tivo in the worst way!!!!!!!!

Let me know how it works out for you. I have some friends who have it who it!
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I want a TiVo too.....

Think ya'll could talk Sandie into it for me?????

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Guess we were on the same wave length
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