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what is it with food?

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Ok here it goes:
On Monday night, at work, I had a terrible, terrible headache. Hubby came and visited me on lunch, and I ended up getting a water bottle. I've had these headaches before, and I should've known to take tylenol or asprin, but I didn't. So, it got to be so bad, I felt sick........ you know the feeling? the feeling right before you are ready to throw up ........ you start salivating, get lightheaded and start heaving? So, about 3:30am, I threw up my lunch, which was a pizza pocket and gatorade. Luckily, I was near a garbage can Sorry for being so graphic! Mind you, I did take 2 asprins about 10 minutes prior to this hoping my headache would've gone away. I believe it was due to lack of caffeine, but I cant be positive..... This the 3rd time or so I've done this at work

So, I decided to fix me a pizza pocket tonight, and I just couldn't eat it ...... it didn't taste good to me. Has anyone had this happend to them? You get sick on something, and you never eat it again?
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Years ago....... I got sick on pickled vegetables.

I feel queezy if I just SMELL them anywhere around me.
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when I was a kid - like 6 years old I remember having spaghetti bolognaise for lunch and I went in the kitchen afterwards and said to dad I feel sick he said your imagining it and low and behold straight after he said that I threw up all over the kitchen floor, I ws sick for days and I can tell you that for a good 10 years I ate nothing with mince meat.
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I haven't had a frozen margarita for 3 years now ...... This is embarassing, but oh well Hubby's parents took us out to a Mexican food restaurant for dinner one time. I hadn't had anything to eat that afternoon. We got there and ordered a cheese crisp for an appetizer, and I ordered a peach/strawberry margarita. I sipped on til we ordered food, and that was my drink w/ the dinner. After eating, we were sitting there, and I got dizzy ...... really dizzy, and to the point where it got black around me almost, and hot. I told hubby I wanted to go home because I said I was getting hot, he said get a drink of water. Next thing I knew, I threw up all over the table & me and in front of his parents....... The poor people next to us were just getting there food, too:tounge2:
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I very rarely throw up, so when I do, you know I'm really sick. I got food poisioning from McDonalds when I was 6 weeks pregnant with my son. I was sick for a week, and it took a long, long time till I could eat McDonalds again. (I don't have any problem now though!)
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Another story: I got food poisoning in May from a bagel & cream cheese, which happens to be my breakfast! I never want to be sick like that, again! It took me a good month or two to finally eat bagels...... but, never from a grocery store again!
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I heard it's a defense mechanism, that your brain associates being sick with the last thing you ate so you won't make yourself sick again. Left over from those old hunter-gatherer days, when people would just try eating anything to see if it was good.

I'm thinking though, Tig, that the headache and nausea together sounds like a migraine. Esp. since too much or too little caffeine is a trigger for some people. My dad used to get them every weekend because he'd live on coffee at work but of course back in those days of percolators they didn't make coffee at home regularly. I get them if I have a cup of coffee and two cokes on the same day and then none of either the next day. Then the best thing to do is have a coke, even though the idea is completely not appealing at the time, but it helps the headache.

Next time (if there is a next time), try Excedrine for migraines, Alleve or ibuprophen (Advil, Motrin, etc.). The Excedrine is aspirin with caffeine and ibuprophen added and it works very well. Alleve, if I remember correctly, is the otc version of Immitrix which is the latest drug specifically for migraines. My doctor prescribes me the 800 mg Motrins for migraine pain (the next stronger drug that works for me is a narcotic, not good with a child to look after) and I take 2 at the onset, so if you are taking the 200 mg kind, you might need 4 or 5 to start feeling better. But if that works for you, see a doctor and get a prescription.

Hey, and if you think it's caffeine related, it probably is! After all, you know your body best. Watch your intake of soda, coffee, tea and chocolate, see if it makes a difference. And if it does, just be consistent with your intake! Or, as with all women, allow your changing body chemistry to regulate it. Some weeks you might be more sensitive than others.

Good luck!
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I am responding to the story in your first post. I agree that it's possible that your problems of this last week were caused by lack of caffiene. The withdrawl symptoms can include really bad headaches.
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I know that doesn't sound that bad, but I was at the mall, and when I get really hungry (low blood sugar) sometimes I get sick. I knew I was going to, so I ran to the bathroom, and there was a line (isn't there always?). I know I'm not going to make it, so I lift up the trash can cover, and hurl. I had been eating egg drop soup (didn't lift my blood sugar fast enough, I guess), and this little kid in front of me in line looks up at me (spitting in the can) and says "It's okay, my cat throws up and it looks like that." Then he promptly throws up on my shoes!
This gave me an aversion both to egg drop soup, and young children. I get nauseated when I'm near either one. :laughing:
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When I was a kid, my most favorite meal was homemade mac & cheese and fried spam (I know I Know..) anyway, I contracted Hepititis from school and at the worst of it, I was craving it and begged my mom to make it for dinner, so she did. I got sooooooo sick on it.. .
It's been 30 years, since then and to this day can't even stand the thought of it. I can eat the kraft m&c, but not homemade.. and definately not spam.....

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Well, I got over that problem really quick when I got pregnant with my first child. I had morning sickness for 4 months, throwing up as many as 10 times a day If I had developed an aversion to every food I ended up throwing up, I'd never eat again I did have a long standing problem with 'Fun Fruits' (those little gummy fruit snack thingys) though as I got sick from them when I was little..
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Bubbles...that was a really funny story!! :LOL:
Tigger, I know what ya mean....I got sick really bad one time on bratwurst and now I can't even stand the smell of it, let alone eat it! Yeeeck.
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My best friend (before she passed) hung out together all the time of course. We rarely drank, but one nite I'll never forget, we bought this bottle Ammarato di Sonaro; I thought it tasted pretty good since we didn't like the taste of alcohol and we drank the whole bottle.

We've fought before, but never over who can get to the porcelin god first! I'll NEVER drink that stuff again! YUCK!

So, I can relate Tig.

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AHA Cat....now Mandy knows what to give you!

Mandy extends a warm heartfelt invitation to Cat to come over for a drink!
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Oh Piddles, come on now...Last time I checked, Mandy "checked out" !!! hhahahaha! :laughing2

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That was fake Mandy!
Want to come over for a drink????????
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......you know Mandy's idea of a "rocks" glass is the toilet!
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Oh Cleo.........BURN!!!!!:tounge2:
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Well, last time I came over for a drink, I puked in the toilet...where's Mandy gonna drink from? :laughing2....wait oh, wait...Mandy = dog gonner!!! BWWWWWWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Get 'em Cleo! Cats Rule...Dogs drool (in envy)!!!

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Darn troublemakers, sidetracking yet another thread! :LOL:
We really should take this to the OTHER thread we threw off track!
not pointing any paws at anyone.....
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Okay, Cleo...let's keep the battalion where we belong! They're trying too many diversions...but :laughing2 :laughing2 they're already up to their neck in Tidybowl over here :laughing2 :laughing2
They probably thought it was Jaegermeister!

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The mere smell of that stuuf makes me ill!

Hey, what happened to the MJ thread? I have a lil sumpin sumpin for it, but cant find it?
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You be lookin' to hard woman! :laughing2 Front page...

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You be so right lady, I went back too far thinkin it got buried....ooops!
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Cat...so I take it we won't be seeing you drinking any Ammarato in the MJ thread? :LOL:
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Ok kids...back to the original topic (just trying to CYA Cat..hate for this thread to be deleted hehehe)..When I was just a young girl- about 20 (oh so long ago) I got drunk for the ONE and ONLY time in my life- Goldschlager was the pleasure. Church the next morning was the pain- How cruel was my mom???? At any rate, I can't even see the stuff nor smell it...luckily it didnt kick cinnamon out of my life.
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OOooooo dig! hahaha! Just kidding Joceyln. I can remember swiggen the Goldshlagger! Tiny little flecks of gold...how pretty! :laughing2 Whew! haha! I sure partied at a young age; but those days are long and forgotten...(well, never forgotten, I hope!)

Deb, :tounge2:
HAHA! NOooooooooooo...no you won't!!! Maybe in cyberspace! Not in reality! Hmmm...I take that back...not EVEN in cyberspace! :laughing2

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Cat- you know that wasn't directed at you...it just seems that the threads you are involved in have some problems. Come to think about it...it seems I have a similar situation. You know I wouldnt make a dig at you...I love you too much But I do try to stay away from the poisonous alcohol...though I ended up with a headache after getting together with some friends on Friday Ugh!
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HAHA! Joce, you can dig at me all ya want! I deserve it! HAHAHA! Just kidding! HAHA! Oh, trust me, I can't deal with alcohol...it's just not my deal at all...now, give me all the drugs...that's fine! hahahaha!!!!! I'M KIDDDDDING!!!! :laughing2 :laughing2
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Cat....you are too funny. But you know someone might take you seriously and start thinking your a druggie now... :laughing:
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