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Now Living in Calgary Alberta!

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Hey Everyone. SO SORRY it's been FOREVER since I've written but it's been absolutely crazy busy here since our move to Cow Town - As everyone likes to call it. So much work! I can't believe it! I'm making $34/hr driving truck! Haha! Little 'ol me driving a big '97 Dodge Diesel Duelly One Ton. It's so much fun and I get so many good responses to being a female driver. and of course my fun flirty demeanor helps too!

Our cats are good. They didn't like the trip very much but they seem to have settled down quite a bit. We're living with my father in a three bedroom basement suite. I think we will be moving quite soon because, as all of you know- two's company, three's a crowd. Just a few more paychecks though and I think we'll be able to do it. It'll hurt my father's heart but it needs to be done to salvage any relationship we might have. (I can see why the rest of his family kinda paused when we told them we were all moving in together - he's got a very strong personality {and he swears a lot})

But other than that, things are well now that we have gotten used to the heat, the dryness and the smoke! Holy Crackers! EVERYBODY smokes!! and everyWHERE! They close up windows and doors and smoke INSIDE! It's so gross, but you can't say anything because you're the only one who doesn't right? So I just leave when I can't take it anymore.

We're also 4000 ft above sea level. Which is quite a little bit different to Victoria, which IS sea level.

I don't know what else to tell you all. Let me know though if I missed anything.
For those of you who remember me and who would like my new addy:
Tamme and Darrell Orlando
7604 21st ST. SE
Calgary, AB.
T2C 0V5

But my e-mail is the same.

I hope to attach photos soon, I look so funny next to my big truck!

Love you all!
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It is good to hear you are doing well.
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Congratulations! I lived there for years and it's a great town.
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Congratulations on the big move & a new town! I've been told that Alberta is a very pretty place. My former husband was born in FlinFlan, Manitoba, but his dad did some mining in Alberta, so it was a place that he was familiar enough to return to. I'd love to see the pics of you with your big truck! I think that it's great that you moved with your dad, since it is only temporary. Although it sounds like he had a strong personality, you obviously understand him & are adjusting accordingly, which is great - family is so important. Good to see you in the forums again! Susan
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Hiya Tamme! Thanks for the new addy! It's good to see you.
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Hey, good to see you! Congratulations on the move it's good to hear you're doing well.
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hey you can meet ashley..
great to see you back although i have no idea who you are!
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