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Anxious in PA

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Hi. I am new around here and I am the 'mama' of three cats. Two American Curls (Winston & Guiness) and one Ragdoll (Chloe). All of them came from the same cattery and moved in with me and my husband at the same time, about two years ago.

I am worried about my ragdoll Chloe. She cries frequently; will come up to me or my husband meowing and crying and then runs into the other room. It is strange and hard to explain. All of our cats get along great and there haven't been any major changes in our or their lifestyles. She loves to play with the little fur mice and that seems to be the only time she is happy. She is healthy so I don't think she is in physical pain. The vet felt that she may have anxiety problems and might benefit from anti-anxiety medications. My husband is not too keen on this idea. Has anyone had any experiences like this or had a cat on anti-anxiety or depression medications?

I would love feedback from anyone...
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I don't know what the problem is or how to fix it but I am sure people will have ideas for you soon. Also, you can do a search on this thread about anxiety & other behavior problems that might help you. Good Luck.
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It just sounds to me like a cat begging for some attention....some playtime.
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